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Have you stopped shaking hands with people since the outbreak of the coronavirus?


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No because I have at least half a brain and use hand sanitizer and refrain from touching my own face when out in public.

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Went to the local hospital on Wednesday to discuss my current situation with a doctor, in fact also the hospital director. Not only was he not wearing a mask but on conclusion shook my hand.

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No. I just wash my hands regularly like any person with a brain and and an IQ over 50.

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Yes, I do a lot more bowing now but if I do shake hands, I don't touch any part of my face and wash my hands as soon as possible. I carry several small bottles of hand sanitizer at all times.

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I heard that the foot bump is the new thing. Looks intriguing.

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I live in Japan so I never shake hands anyway.

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At Costco the other day, a young guy wiped the trolley handle with some chemical or other as we entered the store. It seemed a sensible thing to do. We didn't shake hands, but I wanted to.

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Although I do not have so much opportunity to shake hands, I might have unconsciously been stopped doing that. But more impoetantly, we might want to refrain from shaking hands if we trust with each other.

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Heck no.

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