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Have you taken a PCR test? How easy or difficult was it to arrange and what was the experience like?


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Two hours of calling six clinics, ending up with an appointment for four days later. Just pathetic.

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If you live or work in Tokyo its rather easy. There are 190 walk in venues for your convenience. Just turn up at any of the clinics or drug stores from the list below and take a test. Most results by the next day. Initially until the end of January but now extended to end of Feb.


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Forgot..... Those 190 venues are FREE, no money, no reservations, just turn up.

The list is Japanese language only.

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3 clinics within a 5 minute walk of my office. 2 accept NHI - rapid test on the spot AND a proper PCR with result 1-2 days later. Lets stop with the whingeing. Its not hard anymore. if you insist on going to your doctor first and waiting for the 'approval' for a completely free test one, then more the fool you - you're just wasting time. Don't care what the rest of the world is doing. This is how it is here, we've all been here long enough and read enough to know the situation. Move on.

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...plus what Mr.Kipling said with his usual exceedingly good post.

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My ward started the testing on Monday. The earliest I could book was Tuesday afternoon. They said the result would take 2 to 3 days. I just go my result, in just under 2 days.

I found the Tokyo metro website was hard to understand.

The commercial places were around 8,000 yen. There's one advertising a price of around 2,000 yen, but it was booked solid for the next couple of weeks.

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Much much cheaper and easier in my home country. And I wouldn't even call it that cheap. In Japan, I've had to travel all the way to central Tokyo. Nothing (affordable) near me even though I live in a city. Unbelievable. Not everyone lives in central Tokyo.

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No, never taken anything or even seen a test kit, but there is a place downtown which charges ¥4,000 for the service.

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Without serious symptoms, not necessary.

Especially with the high infectous of Omikron.

You take a test, you are negative, and 5 minutes later you catch it in the train, the bus, the 7-11, the supermarket....and the test you just took 5 minutes ago lost all its sense.

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@Reckless: I was at a clinic on Tuesday evening getting an antibody test/and antibody test for Omicron specifically. I could have had a PCR if I had symptoms as we did ask for future reference if needed. They offered a Rapid Test on the sport and a PCR with a 1 0r 2 day wait for result as a package.

Those there for a PCR were kept outside the clinic itself.

@Eastman - if you feel there is no need for tests then there is no need to comment here, is there?

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¥4,000? ¥8,000? Well you could spend this if you really want to waste your money...

Or you could just turn up to 190 places in Tokyo that are Free, no money, zero yen ¥0, nothing

Not booked up for two weeks because there is no reservation... you just turn up...


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I have had only one when I had a fever of 39.5 one night. The next morning we called my doctor, he said to come on in. The fever was my only symptom. Turned out negative. I had non-Covid related pneumonia. I am thinking about taking my prefecture up on a free test before the end of the month. Just go to the local drug store and get a free test.

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Multiple times every week since this whole thing started; work in hospitality so it is necessary to test all the staff pretty frequently. It becomes a daily requirement for several days in the event that we have any cases in the hotel.

It is really simple and quick, no reason not to go get one if you are concerned in the slightest.

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Never had a test, and won't unless it's absolutely necessary such as to fly internationally.

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No & never will - what’s the point ?

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Nope, not now, not ever.

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