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Have you thought about going overseas to get vaccinated for the coronavirus and then coming back to Japan?


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Already have. I’m the foreigner here with no mask on.

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I will if the non-existent plan to inoculate the general public doesn't materialize soon. The largest scale centers shut down In three months, and the Olympics take place. If these developments create a drop in inoculation rate and push any efforts far off to the backburner, then we're going to be trouble and Guam may be the best option. If there are any tickets available.

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No, I don't live in fear to the point of taking a vaccine that is untested and where there is no liability against the drug companies who produce the " so called vaccine" I would say more, but I know the moderators here would delete me.

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No. Not really an option. Besides I got vaccinated with #1 here (Japan) last week.

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Not really an option for me taking time and money into consideration. Besides, I have absolutely no desire to go back to the US for anything.

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No, of course not, only if forced, sedated in handcuffs and brought there deliberately. The immigrated hordes there would kill me already between the airport and the vaccination providing hospital or latest on the way back. The risk of catching and dying from corona is by far lower.

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I have a friend planning to do that in June- fly back to the US, visit family and friends, get the jab, then back to Japan.

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If it doesnt cost so much and take so much time with the quarantines, etc. to fly to the US to get a vaccine, I would definitely go immediately. I am hoping next year that some neighboring countries such as Korea etc. would be open to vaccine tourism.

I pretty much have zero hope to get the vaccine in Japan in the foreseeable future as part of the general population.

Japanese government continues to complicate the vaccination process by splitting up the population into smaller and smaller groups, not realizing that it complicates the process and hinders vaccination. This is the problem with process-based thinking rather than result-based thinking. In 3 month time after all the vaccinations center close, I would be surprised if Japan's average daily vaccination rates does not fall back to 100,000/day or lower. After the Olympics, there will be ZERO motivation for the Japanese government to vaccinate the population. If you are part of the general population without any health conditions or special jobs, you have to be delusional to think that you can get an efficacious vaccine here in Japan. Vaccinations may very well be de facto halted until non-efficacy tested domestic vaccines hits the market next year, where politicians can benefit from the various favors domestic vaccine makers promised them.

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Yes. My Japanese husband and I will be flying to the US this summer for my dad’s funeral, and we both plan on getting the vaccine while we’re there. Being in our 30s, I doubt Japan will offer it to us before 2022. The 2-week quarantine upon returning to Japan is no problem because we can both work remotely from our apartment.

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By my calculations, I won't be eligible in Japan until Sept/Oct and maybe 2022. That's just too long to risk it when you have kids as the potential vector. As a result, I just made reservations to go to Hawaii to get my vax next week. I'm using miles one way, so the total return flight cost is US$1300 on Hawaiian Airlines. Hawaii has no quarantine if you get your PCR test in Japan from an approved partner right before you fly. I will get vaxed in Hawaii the same day I arrive and then spend a few days making sure I don't have a reaction or get sick (Johnson and Johnson so only one shot) and then fly home 4 days later. Guam is the easier choice with their AirV&V program -- but no direct flights from Osaka to Guam means for the Kansai area getting stuck with 2 weeks of quarantine in Tokyo (i.e., at a hotel). However, Hawaiian Airlines has a direct flight once a week to Osaka so I can fly in and quarantine at home on my return. Of course, it would be nice if Japan removed the 2-week quarantine for those who are vaccinated but it is what it is. I'm guessing the total cost (with PCR tests on either end) will be about $2300-$2500. If I didn't have miles for one way, it would be a fair bit more as some round trip tickets were closer to $5k if you want to fly before US schools are out. Keep in mind, Americans are all going to Hawaii because they can now fly domestically without major hassles.....so this summer is going to be packed in Hawaii.

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I've thought about it, but the risk involved in terms of getting back in or not, as well as the quarantine on both ends won't allow me.

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I came home for business and personal reasons but I had the vaccine at the earliest possible moment. The whole attitude and approach to vaccination and, equally important, testing here is a world away from Japan. I can get a PCR test whenever I want one, no symptoms necessary, in fact they are trying to get more people to take PCR tests regularly to track variants and observe vaccine effectiveness. There is a testing station next to my local Tube station, then up the road in the busy shopping street, another in the park, the local library....... everywhere. I also have a box of lateral flow tests in my flat to do a quick 30 min test when needed - before business and other appointments, before I went to the hairdresser etc. You can pick these tests up in pharmacies and testing centres. It’s so easy. Before use you just have to register them online or over the phone, it only takes a couple of minutes. Please Japan, please start vaccinating and testing properly. I am so worried about my frail MIL, my husband, family and friends in Japan.

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Leaving in July, right before the Farce "2020" Olympics begin. Won't be back until long after the world's vaxxed jocks leave town with their tacky metallic bling in tow. In other words, won't miss a thing.

Enjoy the Eternal Emergency! The Tokyo Olympics are far important than Tokyoites, it seems...

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I know a lot who have done just this. The alternative in Japan is waiting until you're 75 years old. Not bad if you're 74, but quite a long wait if you're in your 30's :)

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I wasn't planning to but I'm considering it now, largely for family reasons. Comments like the ones from Luddite and what family/friends are saying in the UK makes one realise just how pitifully inadequate the govts response has been here.

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imagine spending thousands of dollars to get an unapproved vaccine for a virus with a 99.9 survival rate - with no guarantee of getting back in.

This is not so much a pandemic as much as an enormous exposure of mental illness in society.

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If it was possible, then absolutely, I'd do it. With the current rate, I can expect to get my vaccine in Japan sometime in winter, maybe?

However, Japan is my only choice - I just have to wait. I can't go back home to get the vaccine there, as I'm not a resident there. They'll only vaccinate official residents. In addition, you'd need to reserve at least 7 weeks for the whole procedure (2 x quarantine, 3 weeks in between shots) - can't stay away from work for that long, and, sadly, can't also afford the quarantine hotels, and the PCR tests ( 2 x 30,000-40,000 yen).

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@zichi. Quarantine is essential to mitigate the spread of Covid. The fact that the Japanese government is waiving this gold standard requirement for anyone involved with the Olympics is shocking and irresponsible. The fact the UK and other countries are waiving quarantine from some departure countries as long as you have a negative PCR test is equally shocking and irresponsible.

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