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Have you heard of the expanded tax-free shopping system that went into effect in Japan on Oct 1? Have you made use of it?


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I haven't heard of it, and I do follow the news in Japan fairly closely. I would like to know more about it, though.

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I've seen a couple of shops with signs saying Tax Free. But it's geared towards tourist buyers as you need to show your passport.

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Heard of it can't use it as I live here.

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Good for tourists as they come to Japan to pick up bargains available because of the incredibly weak yen.

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Don Quixote stores announce it while you're shopping. Just show your passport, but you can't be a resident just a tourist.

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Sadly, it's only available in very few locations and never 'off the beaten track'. As an annual long-stay visitor I couldn't be bothered trying to find one.

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Me too, I've heard of it (somewhere - could have been TV), but fat lot of use it is for me as I live here. It's as if residents never spend money on travelling around the country and buying goods.

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