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Hollywood is bombarding us again with prequels, sequels, remakes and plans to make spinoffs from past films? Do these sorts of films interest you?


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Usually no, but it depends what's being rebooted and by whom. Blade Runner 2049 was awesome. I also really enjoyed the Twin Peaks revival b/c David Lynch is a boss. And I'm even intrigued by the Top Gun sequel. But those are probably 3 out of a hundred sequels and remakes.

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Almost nothing from Hollywood has interested me in 20 years or more but particularly vapid, brain dead remakes. Also, get off my lawn!!

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I will watch it, but there's nothing new to see. I think its a sign that Hollywood is running out of ideas on what movies to make. That's what you get for commercializing art. What Hollywood should remake are historical classics like the Odyssey, Genji Monogatari, Epic of Gilgamesh and so on

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R.I.P. Hollywood.

It's been dead for years.

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Not really. I've rarely seen a remake that's better than the original. Sequels and prequels are OK if they are not merely recycling the original, but usually are.

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I think they are partly influenced by the public's fascination for serial stories.

The ongoing sagas that have reaped huge accolades from widespread audiences - eg Game of Thrones.

People apparently like following characters through, and when they meet their demise, enjoy the new ones created to keep the the interest flowing.

Of course a minimum of at least mid-level script, plot, visuals etc quality is required to keep it above the water line.

The expansion of a single unit story - you know, beginning, middle, ending and gone for ever - will probably be around for a long time to come. If people pay that it is!

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