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Honesty question: Have you ever peeked at your partner's email or cell phone to see who they have been in touch with? And has the reverse happened to you?


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NEVER either way. That would have ended the relationship right then and there

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But I haven't had a partner in years, so it's easy !

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We handle each others' phones all the time! I don' peak because I don't need to. If he started getting nervous at me touching his phone or started to keep it hidden, that would be worrisome to me!

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Agreed. I have never looked inside hers, and I strongly suspect but have no proof that she has not looked in mine.

She often opened my letters though, for many years, despite my anger each time, and then I discovered she was gluing down the flaps to make it look like she hadn't touched them. I was brought up to believe that it was a golden rule not to read others' mail. :sigh:

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Anyone with a normally functioning brain would know not to bring home the phone you use to do your dirty bidding.

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No. It's an awful thing to do. Everyone is entitled to privacy.

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A relationship infected with such suspicions about eachother is on very shaky ground and needs serious repairs. Thankfully, mine is not.

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Nope, never felt the need or inclination.

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If he's had a conversation open on his computer and I've walked past, I've peeked out of curiosity. But I've never actively sought out his conversations, that's dirty.

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