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How can workplace bullying be eradicated?


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Teach the children compassion, and re-educate the adults about controlling their ego.

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Make it a male only environment and if someone bullies , job lost, no bonus, no pension.

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There are bullies everywhere. But from my experience, the vast majority of bullies feel that for them, technical performance at work is not enough to advance in their job. Some of them have low confidence in their ability at their job (often with good reason). Some of them are just used to getting ahead through political maneuvering or intimidation. The easiest way to get rid of bullies from the work place is to be very careful to reward people only for technical competence in their job. This is difficult, though, because bullies are often very successful at moving up the ladder (being politically adept) and they will intentionally implement policies that discourage technical prowess. As much as possible, it is important to increase visibility of the direct work that people do, and subject everything to peer review within the team. Although this initially gives opportunities for intimidation, bullies generally try to hide their work. As it becomes harder and harder to do that, they start to look for other places to work.

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Make it a female only environment and if someone bullies , job lost, no bonus, no pension.

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ihavegreatlegs; yeah great idea, so every workplace in Japan will be a bakery.

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Bullying is part of Japanese culture. The only way to remove it is to change the language and the whole history of Japanese society. Females are the worst bullies. An all female environment at work would be a disaster.

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It can't. It's culturally ingrained.

"Motivational" talks seem to only comprise of a hearty "ganbare", or being screamed at. The whole corporate culture is based on fear, hence no one taking the lead at going home first, taking their bosses to court for unpaid overtime/discrimination, etc, etc, ad nauseum. For this reason, Steve's initial idea fails as that's pretty much what is already in effect. The fear of losing their job keeps everyone "in line", but not in a positive way (i.e. doing something completely reasonable could lose you your job)

(resumes after a making a coffee)... Actually, you could eliminate the bullying by replacing every person from mid - top management with a foreigner ;-)

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By enforcing labor unions and making the compliance department actually work. They don't do anything in practice, especially in traditional Japanese companies, where the boss is the God. Abolish the 'jo-ge kankei' in companies too. Everyone should act with respect towards the superiors and other colleagues, but doesn't mean that they can't object or question them. I hate having to look up to someone only because he/she is older or in a better position. Many people just use that to abuse yonger employees (a huge sign of lack of self-esteem imo).

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aeho11; Be your own boos. piece of cake if in Japan. no bullies no idiots and bores and all responsibilty down to you, great fun, great challenge.

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very simple have a form of punishment, suspention, & what others have alreadt stated. it time adults Grew up also. a part of JP culture?!! uh NO! it happens in Every counrty.

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Bullying in the workplace should not be eliminated. Survival of the fittest, baby.

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Japan will never change, and bullying is part of the culture. The options are opt out, or toughen up.

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By getting Mr Toyota or whoever is the top of the company to agree to change the culture give they personal hanko to an antibullying government policy . Top down is Japanese company culture and then they make it clear down the chain to work together to make that happen.

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It can't be eradicated. It's a deep-rooted part of Japanese culture.

Senpai bullies the Kohai, that kohai gets his own kohai for him to bully as senpai.

Older people tell younger people what to do, despite the younger person being better at the job in a lot of cases. Older person realizes this, and bullies because of insecurity.

Being bullied and keeping going is part of the silly "ganbaru" idea.

It can't be eradicated, because no-one wants it eradicated.

"It's the Japanese Way" (TM)

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Bullying is a part of EVERY culture, not just Japan. Cut the Japan bashing crap. It's human nature, and as all of you know full well, it's not exclusive to Japan.

Steve, some might argue that misogyny is a form a bullying. My guess is that you are clearly part of the problem, with suggestions like yours.

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Agree with Tamarama - it is part of every culture. One difference I would like to point out is that in most societies it is understood to be childish behavior and is something to "graduate from" as you age. The fact that it persists in so many parts of society in Japan is a real shame! In short, it will be eradicated in the workplace in Japan when people in Japan finally grow up.

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Yeah, it is part of every culture, it's just that in Japan it's expected to happen and deeply ingrained in society.

A lot of the bullying that happens in Japan would be cracked down on in places like the UK and US and the bullies would lose their jobs and end up paying damages to the victim.

Here? You'd be lucky if you got taken seriously, and more than likely end up just being told, "ganbare!".

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eradicate the workplace

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By going to Industrial Relations :P

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I actually know Japanese people who went to Industrial Relations to complain about bullies, kudos to them because Japan is changing rapidly, its not the salaryman robot worker anymore

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Also in regards to sexual harassment cases too filed with Industrial Relations

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Punch the bully in the face until they admit that bullying is not the answer.

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Have all children enter school through X-ray scanners and body searches like they do at airports. Put security cameras everywhere. Employ extra staff to scan the videos and identify the bullies. Equip all the non-bullies with tazers, submachine guns and napalm. Give any surviving bullies psychiatric "help." And if any bullies make it through all this, put them in charge of school security.
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Be your own boos. piece of cake if in Japan. no bullies no idiots and bores and all responsibilty down to you, great fun, great challenge.

That is the best way, imo, but not everyone can do it. I work for myself and I never, ever get bullied (not that I would anyways). ;)

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Yet again i am bashed because i suggest becoming self employed to avoid work bullying. Some nice people on this site.

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eradicate the workplace

Awesome. Great comment!

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Yet again i am bashed

Who bashed you? I was agreeing with you.

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Starnger; Not yourself Tamarama. Too many who cannot discuss and just name call lately on here. I guess that would be called bullying.

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Ah ha. I think that's about what you should expect putting out sexist views like that. You are free to put them out, but you can expect many people to object to them. Not sure I'd call that bullying, or bashing.

Why should all workplaces be men only? It's the women bullying other women, I'm pretty sure.

And, why would a female workplace be a bakery only? Women aren't capable of any other work?

Really, you don't see that these are sexually discriminatory comments?

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Steve, you know as well as I do that that isn't bullying. I see your views as extreme and misogynistic, and I am entitled to point that out for as long as you are willing to post them. And for the sake of discussion, I went to an all-boys high school. There was more bullying there than anywhere else I have seen since. Women are not responsible for bullying in a work place, and if you were really serious with your first post, I can say clearly that I think it is one of the most absurd suggestions I have ever seen. Just my opinion.

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Workplace bullying in Japan exists because most companies don't have a performance-based payment/position rise system. That, and that they have way too much time on their hands.

Stranger, I'm not gonna post links to sources to back this up so you just have to take my word for it or....... not. Either way, if this here were a workplace you'd be the bullied, not the bully. LOL

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Get rid of the "sempai" system that permeates Japanese life from elementary school through to retirement (and beyond, if retirees keep in touch). The sempai system teaches people to obey the senior and not answer back or voice a contrary opinion. It's way too open to abuse.

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I don't think you can. Workplace bullying exists everywhere. Bullying exists everywhere, always has, always will.

HOWEVER I do think we can reduce it. A nice place to start would be by enforcing their current laws, but thats to do with the government rather than individual companies. Start fining companies who are consistently doing nothing about bullying, despite receiving complaints.

Secondly the upper managers are key. The guys who are not around on a daily basis, but who have power over the middle managers. By making these accessible to workers they are giving workers the chance to voice their complaints or problems with their manager (who are often the bullies) without fear of reprisal. Also the introduction of decent HR departments into small-medium and medium sized companies would help with this.

Also the ability to be anonymous has to be introduced into Japanese culture. At the moment an "anonymous complaint" is something which just does not exist.

However ... sometimes people have to just toughen up. Bullying is wrong, however some people just are too sensitive. Sometimes we just have to ignore ignorant people who have agendas of their own.

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Bullying happens everywhere not just in Japan. All it takes is one or two persons to pick on a co-worker for various reasons. Bullying happens from top level management to the lowest level in a company. The workplace should implement polices to prevent bully just like sexual harassment policy.

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Man........... Keep always with a loaded Pistol or at least a pocket Knife with you...Show them when they are in good mood with you, that you may able to use them (Weapons ) against any body who comes in unreasonable way to you.

100% Sure .... no body get in trouble with you , no no joke with you,

They respect you ... Even the boss.

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Punish it, severely, don't tolerate it. If companies are too lazy, then make sure to force them to pay hefty compensation. If Japan can say no way to sexual harassment, why not bullying?

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Well, one could form groups of psychically advanced employees to send healing energy to both the victims and the perpetrators. The energy level of the entire establishment would be raised, and the dross of negative thinking would drop away. Barring that, you could fire the bullies.

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If Japanese culture is very related to bullying in workplace or at school, then it's likely to be in its neighbors culture as well, since it's about harmony, conformity, save and fear of losing face, which people may even take advantage of it to bully people. In western cultures there is no such thing, which makes such social abuse less possible. Western people could believe that cultures like that of Japan may be replaced, but I believe if we do that, Japan needs slowly, step by step to integrate its culture, a "cultural revolution" like what happened in China is too dangerous, and that would mean we need a real dictator in Japan to operate will propaganda from the authority in order to overrun Japanese culture norms. Chinese people suffered lack of education and morals after that period, and people became materialistic due to the economic period afterwards. After all you just can't ask someone country's culture to be replaced. Same story with China. Unless you would use it by dominant force. In China they even blame this as western imperialism. :P

On the other hand In western culture, bullies are more invidiual types, and can cause a lot of trouble to the society usually by their own. Criminality and also corruption may be increased because of our lifestyle. It's just that everone is more free to be who they are.

Japan just needs to adjust and solve problems. Japanese people are rational enough to understand that bullying needs to be tackled, especially when they would realize it causes so much suicides. No one likes to hear suicides everywhere in modern day. And even some though they may not be aware together what they do to others. Critizing the Japanese society is a good thing in order to improve it. I'm glad to hear these social issues are getting at least slowly better then not getting worse! Japan needs to keep on track.

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