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How come so many young people today don't know how to cook?


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How come questions like this are posted without any evidence to support them? Come on, JT, show at least a



<strong>Moderator: We don't need "evidence" when we ask questions in the Have Your Say section. The purpose of the section is simply to throw out topics for readers to give their opinions on. Now in this case, if you think that the question has got it wrong and you believe that most young people do know how to cook, then simply state why, so that readers can consider your opinion and respond.</strong>

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Because their mothers never taught them, and they have grown up in a society where every thing you want is either at the convenience store or can be delivered.

What I find interesting is that the majority of students at those cooking schools like ABC are retirees and middle-aged people. They outnumber young people.

By the way, soothsayer, there's no doubt about it, especially in Japan. Young people overwhelmingly can't cook. What evidence do you need?

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Because of how "convienent" it is to get almost everything pre-cooked. You can buy Tendon at Ave, that includes rice. Pop it in the oven for a few minutes and wala! Instant chef.

Didn't there used to be a show on TV where they traveled around and asked a random group of 5 or 10 ladies to cook something? They got them all together with the pre-staged kitchen and told them to make a specific meal, usually something quite simple. I seem to recall some girl washing the rice, using soap.

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I'd just say most young people (and even older people) don't have a huge repetoire of recipes, but can cook simple stuff. And I would dare say that is true of any country you go to. Not many people are cordon bleu (is that the correct word?) chefs.

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What is there to support this statement? I think more young people than ever are better cooks.

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I remember that show. It was quite hilarious watching them try to do such difficult things as peel an apple or make tempura. And those 'ladies' are probably moms now and the ones Brianiac mentions in his or her post. And, Betting, you're right that not many people are cordon bleu chefs but some young people I know are amazed that I can make scrambled eggs. By Myself! A Man! Wow, they say - especially the women - you must have had a very good mother. Yup, can't learn any of that stuff by yourself.

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I love to cook.

Maybe its becasue single apartments in Japan has such pitiful excuses for kitchens?

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it's a pain in the arse to cook when your bed is your cutting board. plus, i don't like having tons of rotting trash next to my pillow waiting for collection day.

i moved into a house (my first real kitchen in tokyo!) in november, and have been cooking non-stop since then.

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its because they are lazy and only desire instant gratification. Romulus however will take hours to prepare a meal, take a long time to choose the right wine and also set the appropriate music for each dish. BTW, I am not Hannibal Lector, He is much smarter than me and craves a more diverse pallet.

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when you work 14 h a day 6 days a week you don't feel like looking, even if you know it or not. and if you don't know it, you don't have the time/energy/interest to start it

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There is no kitchen. and/or They live at home and Mom cooks. and/or Prepackaged food isn't that bad, so it's easier not to cook. and/or They are very busy with classes or work. and/or They never took the time to learn. and/or Maybe some of them cook well, and their friends join them for dinner.
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"By the way, soothsayer, there's no doubt about it, especially in Japan. Young people overwhelmingly can't cook"

This is invariably true. But it certainly isn't limited to Japan. Here in the US no young people can cook. In fact alot of older people can't either. This clearly is a characteristic of modern society globally.

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laziness and stupidity

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I can agree with the statements on the small kitchens in most apartments. I have seen some and are amazed that more room is given to the bathroom to ensure that a tube and shower area is there but not enough space for a kitchen or a place to sit and eat.

I have amazed many Japanese women who I have entertained at my house with my cooking skills. Something so simple as frying chicken seems to be difficult to some. When I invite someone over for dinner, It will normally take about 30-40 minutes to cook a steak dinner with all the trimmings.

I can understand the beat feeling after work and coming home to cook, but even when I'm bone tired, it can take only about 20 minutes to whip up a meal that isn't the traditional "TV Dinner."

But, if like many of the posters say most people live at home and rely on a parental unit to fix the meals, I guess they will never learn. I guess the skills I learned on my first job at KFC are paying off now.

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Did 'young people' in the past know how to cook? Where's the comparison?

I'm guesing here that by 'young people' you mean 'young women' as a follow-on from that highly dubious Spa article.

As for an answer: "Spending too much time on the Internet"

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How come so many young people today don't know how to cook?

One word Answer.....Combini

As for myself I enjoy cooking and I think I'm a fairly good one though my dog disagrees at my house he doesn't beg for scraps he begs for alka-seltzer.

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I have met a few single Japanese gals who when I asked them can you cook they tell me no. I was surprised by their answer, but some of them do live with mom and dad so they don`t need to cook. And I have been a on a few dates with Japanese men asking me if can cook or not and the look of happiness on their faces when I say yes , is hilarious.

Myself, I enjoy cooking and I am good at it, (thanks to my dad, who worked at an Italian restaurant for 26 years).

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You learn how to cook from your mother. She is passing on knowledge and tradition. Perhaps "instant foods" have been around long enough to deprive a couple of generations of the need to learn the art of cooking.

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I have only lived in America, Mexico, and Japan and my observations regarding the 'domestic competence quotient' of young women are as follows. Sorry to be so chauvinistic but since I date only women, my sample group is limited accordingly.

Half of American girls can cook a weeks variety of fairly healthy meal.

Nearly all Mexican girls are able to feed themselves or a family.

Japanese girls are so far down statistically as to not even register. I am a hound, you might say a horrible man who has dated more than a hundred girls here in Japan. In my defense, it has been in search of the girl of my dreams... which would include being able to share the cooking chores. Even the best cook that I have run across could not make a meal without ketchup or mayo. And I dont mean as a seasoning : )

I did break down and marry last year. At the 'one time cooking class' provided for new moms at the health center, only one lady out of the 20 that was there had even the faintest idea how to prepare a meal. My bride excels in other areas so I am fine with doing 99% of the cooking. After a year, she has mastered instant ramen, and can smash bananas and rice for our love child and is now able to make reasonably edible curry rice and okonomiyaki which she dutifully cooks the one day a week when I get home late. She beams with pride at my praise each week : )

My conclusions? Japanese do not value domestic competence in either men or women. They value men that will not complain about working overtime without compensation in the name of 'team spirit' and girls that look good in a school uniform and will suffer sexual harassment on the job in relative silence until they get married. If that changes, so will the number of young that can make their own hamburgers.

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I have also been to Singapore, and if this question was asked there, you would be surprised at how many of the local Singaporeans can't cook as well as do any domestic chores like laundry or clean house. As long as there is a steady state of Philpina maids to do that work, they won't.

I know that is not the same condition as it is here in Japan, but I think a lot has to do with women in their 30's still living at home. If their parents don't make any demands on them as to assist in the upkeep of the house chores that include cooking, then I am afraid that it will be a lost art to many women. As long as they can live at home, and spend money on trips to exotic places or buy stuff for their "pet dogs" then there is no need for them to cook.

I would think that a man would want to be able to be self sufficent in being able to at least cook a piece of meat. I guess that is another difference between Japanese men and American men. This time of the year, when the weather is getting warmer and the days are longer, you can find most men outside cooking on the grill for either their family or friends. You don't see too much of that here.

Being the "cad" I have been, one of the easiest pick-up lines that I have used over here besides the classic "I can take you to the Exchange" was to invite a Japanese female over to my place for a bar-b-que. Some women at more than men, and were amazed that a bunch of guys had enough sense to cook outdoors, and make side dishes as well without a woman doing the cooking. One lady did not know how to properly do dishes so I had to throw her out of the kitchen.

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Because they're young and they haven't learned yet. You might as well ask "how come young people have smaller feet?"

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The same thing was asked about young women in the US. Actually young western men cook more than young western women now. This trend may or may not come to Japan, but young Japanese are only following the trend of the USA! Soon to come...violence and obesity. I Also think it is interesting how "young people" was interpreted as "young women".

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