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How do Japanese schoolgirls, with their short skirts, manage to resist the cold?


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I shudder to think about it.

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Because they are STRONG!

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By believing fashion is "gaman" .

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Perhaps the burning gaze of oyaji perverts has a warming effect?

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An warm, long overcoat?

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A scarf and jacket is allowed until they arrive at school. It's not just girls that have to wear clothing that's not good for winter, many boys have to wear shorts from 1st to 5th grade as well.

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I go surfing in this weather, so I am sure it is not a problem for a short skirt. Plus they are cute and the young gals know it.

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I believe they wear sheer stockings. Here is a side beauty aid fact. Cold weather makes your legs look better because it tights the muscles. Okay until you catch pneumonia .

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shrinkage from the cold, same as the blokes.

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My daughter wears tights under her uniform and that keeps her somewhat "warmer" other than that, sheer will, grit and mental distractions, especially when riding a bike on a windy winter day.

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Might be that they distribute the cold over the life span of the person leaving them cold even in high 20's when they work in an office. This would explain so much!

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You might have something there. I was always wondering why Japanese females complaining about the AC being too cold when most males are sweating their a$$ off. LOL

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Hot legs.

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Legs aren't very sensitive to the cold. I remember playing rugby and soccer during Canadian winters and it wasn't a big deal.

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They just gaman because what others may think of them is more important than their own comfort and health.

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M3M3M3-----Do not young men have a look too?

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All that hair.

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Back when I was at school, the girls had to wear skirts but were told off if they got too short. Nowadays, when I go home I see schoolgirls at my old school and they no longer wear skirts but are dressed like the schoolboys. I think it's their own choice and they practically all choose to ditch the skirts. I don't blame them because it gets cold in winter and comfort is more important than showing off legs.

It just seems to me showing off legs and looking cool seems to take priority in Japan. Might explain why I see so many Japanese women wear high heel shoes when going hiking.

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I was always wondering why Japanese females complaining about the AC being too cold when most males are sweating their a$$ off.

That's Universal, not just in Japan. Yes, the females in the Alpha Centauri system complain about being cold when the males are sweating bullets.

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They don't, as anyone who has ever taught a class of HS girls in winter can clearly attest. That's why you can see girls waddling down the hall feebly wrapping blankets around their legs or hovering around the classroom thermostat, pounding the up key regardless of whatever temp it's locked at. In Japan, it is never too early to learn that conforming to someone else's expectation for how you should dress is more important than your health and any suffering it causes.

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legs aint that sensitive to cold..

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Well, the more practical minded wear their PE pants under their skirts until they get to school. Girls here are allowed to wear black tights, so that's at least something. In class it's the lap blanket.

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As an old nemesis once told me, "Fashion knows no pain."

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How do Japanese schoolgirls, with their short skirts, manage to resist the cold?

They like it when we could see them as sex objects

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They don't manage to resist the cold. They have to wear those skirts because that's the required uniform. There's not much choice in the matter. Which is really ridiculous, especially up here in Hokkaido. I don't know why girls are required to wear skirts during the winter. It's probably a combination of "but this is how things have always been done" and some girls liking to look cute, so they'll put up with the cold for fashion's sake. And I'm sure there are male school administrators who would protest changing to pants for less than moral reasons.

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I always wondered why school girls here in Tokyo are wearing skirt in the middle of the winter season. You could see some girls wearing warm stockings and protection against the cold. But mostly you will see girls in wearing only socks then the skirt. I accidentally went to work without a warmer in my pants and it was VERY cold. Is it just really for fashion? then this girls are kinda stupid (sorry for the word) don't you think?

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