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How do we prepare for our future with robots in our everyday lives?


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An artificially intelligent robot is, by nature, a psychopath. It's just a psychopath that is easily influenced (through programming). Supposedly the Pepper robot can read emotions through a human's facial expressions. Being able to read emotions while being unable to feel emotions makes Pepper a sociopath.

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by properly prioritizing WHAT functions robots need to do..

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By not relying on them.

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I would say every robot needs an obvious kill switch to allow it to be shut down.

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By stockpiling weapons and unplugging Skynet.

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By being multi-skilled, emotionally intelligent and having a plan B, C and D.

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In my head, I'm imagining a life similar to the Jetson's family. Well for starters, don't rely on robots for everything . IF you can do it, do it. I'd imagine that over reliance on robots even for the most menial tasks would dull a person's skills, strength and attention span since nearly everything would be handed to them on a silver platter, essentially the same thing in the move Wall-E.

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For one, stop "educating" kids to compete with robots....

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