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How do you decorate your home for Christmas? Also, what do you think of people in some countries who practically decorate the whole house, inside and out?


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Christmas tree and some indoor decorations.

Also, what do you think of people in some countries who practically decorate the whole house, inside and out?

I respect them because it takes dedication to do all that and so many of them invite strangers to come and see their decorations. Puts me in a festive mood.

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Christmas lost its meaning and became a commercial festival. We don't celebrate Christmas but have no objections to those who do. Decorations are good but can also be a fire hazard if not careful including the lights.

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I'm not a big fan of Christmas, so minimal decorations. A small artificial, decorated tree being used for about the twelfth year. Cards wherever space permits. That's it. And a complete ban on candles as they are such a fire risk.

I have friends who go the full Monty with their decorations. They enjoy it. It's really important to them. If it makes them happy, why would I complain? There's not a lot of happiness out there at the moment. Let people do their own thing in their own way and enjoy themselves.

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Christmas tree, tinsel wrapped around the staircase banister, advent candles on the dinner table and wreath on the front door. Sometimes if we're up to it, we outline the house and roof with simple white-gold twinkle lights.

Also, I think it's great that some people go full all out with their Christmas decorations. It adds to the atmosphere and it's nice for the entire neighborhood, especially the kids. So long as they're happy; what's to complain about?

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I do not have a practice of decorating my house.

On the other hand, I enjoy watching houses with illustrious illuminations every year in Christmas season. They make me feel the year-end is coming and also take me to the fantasy world. I hope this culture continues. However, recent shortage of electricity and price increase affect the practice in a negative way such as a tendency of limiting the use of lightings of illuminations, which make me really sad.

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Used to go full out on decorations when the kids were here, but being empty nesters, we find it not worth the trouble.

A cool thing I made a couple of years ago is a faux fireplaced carved into industrial cardboard, painted, and with a wooden mantlepiece to hang stockings on. I'd stick a red LED inside to simulate fires. It looked quite real and could be folded flat for storage under the bed during the year. Give it a try, but make sure to use really thick cardboard so you can carve brick shapes into it; Daiso paint is fine.

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I go all out. Decorate the outside of my place with tons of lights. I've gotten a bit of a reputation in my city as the Christmas illumination guy. Love it. Inside the house two trees, lots of decorations, wreaths etc. I love this time of year. It is so dark and cold, but the decorations and lights help to brighten both the night and feelings. I also do it as a testament to my Mom who also loved decorating.

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In my city they turn it into a prize-winning contest and the daily newspaper publishes a map showing where the best displays are located. It's always fun driving around and seeing what people spend days, if not weeks, doing to make others happy. Less than 150 meters from my home is one of the perennial 'best displays', and I love it. Like one of the posters mentioned, it's a bleak world right now, and we could all use a little unfettered joy.

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I used to as a kid. I'd badger my folks about fetching the tree up from the cellar come December, and I'd pretty much do all the decorating myself. I think my OCD started with that tree that was probably only about as tall as I am now.

Now I live by myself in a small apartment. Have considered getting myself a very small tree before, but decided not to. If I want to see Christmas decorations (or illuminations), I just go out and admire other people's handiwork while getting some fresh air to go with my thoughts. None of it's the same as what I saw and experienced in my childhood, but that's okay. "The Snowman" is probably up on Youtube somewhere if I want to feel nostalgic about Christmas, and I've lost the desire to remove every Caramel Cup from all the tins of Quality Street we'd always receive.

People who go all out for Christmas? Good for them. It only comes once a year, after all.

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a lot of fairy lights and green leafy wreaths all around the house, the lights set the Christmas-y mood just right.

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I use only as much electrical decorations as I can. I decorate the tree with little oil wells and coal mine trains. I have the logos of the big 5 oil companies all over the house. In the center of our dining table I have a huge Godzilla attacking a solar park and windmill farm.

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