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How do you feel about convenience stores curtailing their hours of business amid the current labor shortage?


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I feel that its a sign of things to come. the labor shortage will accelerate and eventually destroy the economy of this country

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In regard to curtailing hours, I think it is a sensible decision in response to the circumstances. It's refreshing to see common sense and the needs of franchisees winning out over the arbitrary rules set by head offices.

The labor shortages behind the closures make me a little more anxious. I get the feeling no steps will be taken to address the situation until it is too late for anything but drastic measures.

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The main symptom of a true "labor shortage" is upward wage pressure. This isn't really happening. So it's the labor shortage is a myth.

The combini, for example, could operate 24/7 if they decided to share more of their profits by paying entry level workers 1,500 to 2000 yen an hour.

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Yeah, I heard a story about how a late shift for some combini was having trouble finding people willing to take the job. They doubled the wage and by the end of the day they were swimming in applications.

How are businesses so stubborn? It also shows you that professional economists don't know what they're talking about, since they're always spouting how a low unemployment rate means the workers win out and everyone is happy.

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Convenience stores are sources of too much plastic and garbage that is thrown in the street and water. The less the better.

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Makes sense.A pretty dry and obvious question there.

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So it's the labor shortage is a myth.

I also have difficulty understanding this "so called" labour shortage. I think that generally speaking, younger people do not have the same work ethic as older people and just fom't want to do this kind of job.

With the amount of foriegn students coming to Japan these days, I am surprised thst the staff shortfall cannot be filled. Sadly though Japans rules are very out of date.

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I don't care.

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