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How do you feel about sporting events being held without spectators due to the coronavirus?


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On TV at least, you realize the game is about the athletes and the sport rather than the loud, repetitive singing and flag-waving from the crowd. It also shows baseball broadcasts, at least, can be quite boring as the camera crew can’t get shots of the crowd anymore.

The drama and spectacle of sports has been eliminated. How will that affect the sport itself, is the question.

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Not the same and not as good.

I watch too much sport as a habit and suspect that if it was all cancelled, I'd get into the habit of not watching it and doing other things. I'm sure the sports bigwigs understand this and do not want their customers to go cold turkey in case they become ex-customers for good.

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You and the camera crew tend to focus more on the athletes more, which is great since you can notice smaller things you didn't even notice before

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Excellent compromise. I haven't attended a professional sports event in many years anyways due to the incredibly high cost. I do however enjoy seeing my kids compete in school events from time to time.

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@Reckless you’re absolutely right about this being an excellent compromise. Because canceling games would really mess up seasons, that is if they haven’t been canceled like the NBA did today. Then again you don’t want to help cause a massive spread of this virus either. And considering the fact that you can watch the games from home if they’re being televised that is, then yeah I agree, excellent compromise.

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Maybe owners will appreciate the fans a little more and give the loyal fans a break and lower their ridiculously high ticket prices, especially in the US (Japan's sports tickets aren't that expensive though.)

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If you're watching sport to watch other people watching sport you're watching it for the wrong reasons

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Indoor sports are a bit riskier while a cluster is less likely to take form in open air fields or ball parks under constant air flows.

I wonder if we can take a middle ground; largely reduce and manage the number of spectators. There should be thorough entry checks, sufficient distances between seats. Downside: ticket prices could competitively or unfairly skyrocket, though...

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I think its ridiculous. postpone it already.

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Damn good idea for now. May need to cancel everything soon, even those ¥ precious Olympics, Mr. Mori.

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I don't do sports so much, but I occasionally perform in local theater. There is nothing like having an audience. Dress rehearsals and such are great, but to hear the reaction from a live audience is tremendous. My guess is that it is the same for athletes. Without a live audience, something will definitely be lost. If you can't have spectators in the stands, on the bleachers, filling the seats, whatever, I think it much better to cancel or postpone. (I'm looking at you, IOC and the Tokyo Olympics Committee.)

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This situation may create a new perspective on sports viewing, filming,

and audiences.

If a game is filmed to catch the attention in a new sort of way,

the "live" party is moved to the private home, or sports bars.

Much of the film/cinema viewing experience has been re-routed to DVD, streaming services, and large flat screens, sports could follow suit.

I prefer live, but why close down the works if all these athletes are ready to go?

Something new, for sure.

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