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How do you feel about the use of swear words in TV programs?


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Is this really an issue in Japan? From what I've seen the words they actually bleep out on Japanese TV are pretty tame compared to those in other countries...

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Personally, I love it. More specifically, I love that it's an option instead of a faux pas. Watching shows on Showcase or HBO or what have you that have swearing and nudity is refreshing -- because it's real.

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do not like.

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Real swear words beats the fake words like on 30 Rock. Nerts!

If you have seen Deadwood, it would not be the same without the swear words. Tell'em Al.

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It's difficult when you have young children, trying to make sure they don't hear such language. The problem lies with TV and movie producers putting in curse words in the first place. They are not needed to tell a good story.

Recently, I watched "Reservoir Dogs," which I really like. But the constant stream of F words started to really grate on my nerves to the point of distraction.

It's why I always enjoy watching my favorite TV shows from the 1970s and 1960s and all the great movies from the Golden Age of the 1940s and '50s. Would Bogart's movies have sounded better if he had used the F word? No.

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When I think of Lenny Bruce actually going to jail for saying words in a night club act deemed "obscene", it makes me see how times have changed... The difference is, he used the words to make a point.

When I hear "swear" words now, they have no weight; they are used almost like verbal scenery...

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I don't care. They are part of the language. If somebody wants to sound uneducated, let him do so. The bleeping is just more annoying. To those who are worried about children: education based on censorship has never worked.

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I think it's a major %*#!$ing issue!

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I would rather hear swear words, then fake laughter, and people like Beat Takeshi hitting and hurting people. I also hate seeing people smoke on the tube.

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Are we talking when we are in Japan, or on TV general?

I don't recall hearing 'english' swear words being bleeped out on Japan TV or radio. I hear Japanese words getting leeped out that I don't find offensive either. But in general terms, I don't have any problem with swear words on TV. If that is how a director wants the character to be, then so be it. Why try and hide reality.

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People swear all the time everywhere. Why should it be a problem on TV?

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Agree, with Foxie.

Welcome to the real world kids. I can and did swear the blue of the sky but I also learned that there is a time ad place to do so and when not do.

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The other day I saw an add on TV for an upcoming episode of a major J-Drama. The male lead was wearing a T-shirt with "TRUST ME, I'M AN HOLE" emblazoned on his chest (without the , of course) and it was featured prominently throughout the CM. This add was running between kids shows at around 5:30 in the afternoon.

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Not really faced.

I grew up in an era when "The best Little Whorehouse in Texas" was the norm and 100% uncensored.

We didn't cuddle the wee ones and they did know what goes for what and what is acceptable and not.

Yeah, try to protect them from the Big and Bad world out there and when will they learn about it? And how will they react when confronted with the realities of life.

Now personally I would rather censor gangster rap, hip-hop, etc than TV.

And agree the bleeping is way more annoying than hearing the words we all can insert anyway.

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I have no problem with it.

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If it's used realistically and not for just the sake of using it, then I'm OK with it.

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do they ever swear on japanese TV? for the rare Kuso i don't hear much, american movies on the other hand

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The problem is that TV reflects the culture of a country. Which is the reason why I've never encountered swear words on japanese TV and I'm really happy about that. Just going outside in France is a real pain. People use these words instinctively for any purpose, friends even call themselves "b a s t a r d s" ... I just hate it. It feels like being surrounded by agressivity all day long and I don't like to be shown even more agressivity at home in front of my TV. It feels so good when I'm in Japan. Being far away from the agressivity of my home country is the most pleasurable thing ever. Just for that, Japan is heaven on earth.

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What George Carlin would had said about this now?

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majimekun, I admit the word, "aggressivity" is in my 2500-word Random House Dictionary of the English Language, but: a) you spelled it incorrectly; and b) wouldn't "aggression" have been easier?

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If they can use the F word to describe a F_ing Sale at a department store in Osaka, they sure as hell should be able to use it on tv. I don't think swear words carry the same severity as they used to say 10-15 years ago. People are more concerned with political correctness these days to care about swear words.

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Doesn`t bother me as long as it is used in context and not for the sake of it.

Im such a potty mouth anyway me and the kids have had to draw up a "list of grown up words that Mummy uses that we are allowed to understand but must not use". Im so proud of them! They call me up on it every time one slips out!

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After kids are supposed to be in bed, I'm all in favour of it. The best TV of the last 15 years has been riddled with effs and sees (Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire, Mad Men, Lexington Steele) and simply would be less effective drama without them.

I don't want my daughter seeing them, just as I don't think it's right for kids' shows here to teach five year olds to say "Oh my God" (or Oh mai gaaaa), but adults should be treated like adults.

There is a myth that frequent recourse to profanity is indicative of a paucity of lexicon. I find such a canard unsubstantiated and specious.

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