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How do you feel when you are talking to someone and they are looking at their smartphone?


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I think they are a rude @s

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Like I am being boring actually. But maybe I try to characterise it as they are being rude or without social skills or that addictive technology is rewiring their brains. But, if I really feel it, I feel like they might be ignoring me because I have nothing interesting to compete with their phone. Then it makes me feel discouraged.

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I feel like using a Taser. ;)

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I just take mine out and do the same.

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How do you feel when you are talking to someone and they are looking at their smartphone?


The person who can’t take their face away from a smart phone screen to engage with another human is sadly all too common.

Etiquette seems relative, in the time of ‘smart’ phones.

It is ironic that a tool of communication can also serve as a wall of indifference...

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Not so much. They might have something important they have to deal with. Helps prevent any misunderstanding if they excuse themselves. They might also be looking up something related to our conversation or want to show me something. As far as I can remember, nobody has ever started just playing Candy Crush or looking up cat pics in my face.

It’s the people walking / riding / driving around, no awareness of their surroundings, not bothering to stop and do their thing safely out of the way that bother me. Special mention also to the folk that stop immediately after getting off an escalator while engrossed in their phones (like, MOVE).

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Irritated to say the least.

I generally leave in silence assuming they will at one point raise their heads from that stupid device and notice they've been left alone...

Oh yeah, I also ignore that person's call / request to meet again and, of course, do not engage in any discussions via SNS.

When the occasion is at a lunch or dinner, after a little time, I just go with saying something along the line of "I think we shall go now" and again will not meet again. But that doesn't get the message as well across, I noticed.

Funnily enough, through third parties I did understand that it is ME who is being considered rude by those people...

O tempora! O mores! 

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I would look at my nails talking to a person looking at its smartphone.

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Worst of all though, are the poor kids being brought up who hardly ever get to look into their parents' eyes because their mum and dad are constantly on their phones, constantly giving their kids the message they the phone is more important than they are. This will lead to some serious problems in society in the future.

Yes, tokyo_m, I have wondered this too. It's so confronting to see this happening. I feel like I want to intervene, "Look, your child is craving your attention but you are engrossed in your phone. How do you think he/she feels?"

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Sorry - what was the question again? I was reading another article.

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I stop talking and then ask them to stop looking at their phone.

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On video calls,no problem.

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I tell that person that he / she & the phone should get a room, then walk off.

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It's the equivalent of saying I'm more interested in my smartphone than you.

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Seriously pissed off.

I am glad to say none of my family, friends or acquaintances have the bad manners to have ever done so.

Were someone to do so I would ask them to please have the curtesy and good manners to at least wait wait until we have finished talking.

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I ask the person to put it down, and if he/she doesn’t, I walk away!

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I prefer not to be in company of people who have their faces attached to a phone.

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Very unpleasant. Half in a conversation and half in a smartphone is the worst attitude making me really irritated. If someone wants to get out of the conversation, get out of the conversation. What is the person interested in? I'm not in the screen.

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