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How do you rate Japan's performance so far at the London Olympics?


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They did very well. Their performance had me on the edge of my seat.

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The gals are doing lots better than the guys, who are kind of disappointing this year. What happened to "Boys be ambitous!"?. Too many herbivores around these days...

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According to my medal chart they came in 12th place out of 70 nations. That's not too bad.

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Pretty darn good if you ask me! Especially the ladies!

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Before the games.... "However, they (Japan) have set a target of 15 golds for London, with the martial art of judo tipped to produce eight despite the lack of experience in the team."....

by their own account it would have to be disappointing

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They've done really really well in the bronze department.

But weren't they predicting a pot of gold? Their best ever gold medal tally (which I believe is 16)?

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ma ma

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and when you analyse it, the women were good and the men sucked. a bit like everyday life and work in Japan.

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Better than my own country.

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