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How do you think the coronavirus will affect the climate change issue?


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It might make people more aware, as we've seen reports of clearer air, less pollution during these trying times.

The hardcore denialists will still claim it's a hoax, natch.

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It'll be hard to deny the data coming in currently, but I'm sure many will deny it anyways.

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The improvements that we are seeing around the world will likely inspire us to change our ways and hopefully, encourage everyone to help keep it up. But I'm afraid that the same pandemic that helped nature heal itself will also spur people neglect the environment in favor of reclaiming lost capital and time.

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It won't.

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Call me pessimistic, but it will be just a blip. BAU very soon.

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It won't


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Changed my mind. It will make it worse. Governments are now encouraging people to drive rather than take trains and buses.

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Punish corporations and governments that mess up the climate. Get off the back of individual citizens and stick the guilt tripping up your backside.

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