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How do you think the Japan-U.S. relationship will change over the next few years?


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They will follow simple math : Two negatives make a positive.

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Good one some14some!

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Depends on who will be in power in the USA. If the Democrats get in again, look for the Japan-US relationship to deteriorate because of protectionism , a muddled foreign policy and a reluctance to honor their commitments.

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well so much for democracy, its time for okinawa to succeed

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It's up to the Japanese citizens to figure out. They're the ones who need to change lest they continue the "shoganai" mentality.

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The question asked, 'over the next few years?' The answer, truly, is nothing. What's a few? What's change? You need change leadership to effect change - something for which I wrote Masters university course notes, fifteen years ago. Sadly, nothing's changed.

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