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How do you think the losing side will react after The Hague-based International Court of Justice rules on the legality of Japan's whaling program on Monday?


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They've just lost... They'll probably abide by the ruling. There are already stockpiles of frozen whale meat that have yet to be consumed. Nobody is going to starve as a result of this verdict. The whalers will have to find other jobs. The right wingers will moan about losing a traditional hundred year old sport, that actually never took place as far South as the Antartic to begin with, and commercial opportunism masquerading as scientific research has been legally recognized for what is.

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Japan will win. They're not doing anything illegal.

The Australian/NZ case should be thrown out. The OZ/NZ side will still continue to blab their usual BS about it being illegal, and they'll probably say bribing took place.

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Badly. Whoever loses they will carry on regardless, either whaling or trying to stop the whaling.

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Agree with Frungy's prediction. Sea Shepherd have been and are scofflaws currently so I doubt very much that they'll suddenly choose to operate within the law just because the faraway ICJ happens to say something that doesn't agree with their charter.

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Japan will never stop. This is an issue of cultural identity, food security and marine mammal management. I will continue donating all the money I can to politicians who support whaling.

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There is no "losing" side. Tax spent to prop a failing industry can better be spent formulating a sustainable solution. If thousands of whales can be saved then they win. So, taxpayers win, hence Japan wins. Whales win. The environment wins.

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If Japan loses it'll probably complain a bit, but comply with the ruling.

If Japan wins then Greenpeace and other organisations won't care and will keep harassing Japanese ships.

This was a no-win situation for Japan.

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