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How do you think Yu Darvish will do in the U.S. Major Leagues?


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not as good as Nomo but not as bad as Irabu !

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For that much money, he better not fail. With power that many of the ML Players have, just connecting with his pitches will send the ball over the fence.

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I think war between the US and Iran will break out midway in the season and he'll be incarcerated at Guantanamo.

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The mound is too high.

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He will do average.

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Like most good pitchers....he will be amazing in his first season. Then once opposing hitters have a chance to study his pitches and motion, he will be roughed up as much as he cruises. He is a legitimate talent and he is CERTAINLY not a "rookie" as many people seem to suggest

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He'll have a few obstacles to overcome, being an outdoor stadium; that Texas sun/heat, the hard pitcher's mound, and the language...

But his talent, youth, experience and drive will serve him...

All the best, Yu!

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He will do his best.

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With all the hype, opposing teams will be scheduling their ace against Darvish-kun. On top of that, he'll be in the American League and face line-ups like the Red Sox, Yankees, Tigers, and so on, where even the #7 hitter would be a star in Japan. Add that to the videos the batters will be studying intensively, I would be impressed if he won 15 games.

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Darvish is going to the Rangers with a healthy arm and an arsenal of pitches. So he should do quite well ... getting between 15-20 wins. Irabu was also a great pitcher, but by the time he got to the Major Leagues his arm was pretty well burned out. If Nomo had gone to the Majors as a much younger pitcher, he would have gotten many more wins plus another no-hitter or two.

I'm looking forward to seeing a lot of Major League games on NHK's BS station(s) this summer ... as a lot of Japanese players will be featured. Should be fun ...

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Regardless of how well he does or doesn't do, I can promise you all I am going to be sick to death of hearing about him from the new media.

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He will get between 13 to 18 wins in his first season if he stays healthy. He should consistently be able to get at least 12 wins per season, if not 15.

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I feel sorry for his kids. Their father is in another country.

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Dont wanna sound harsh but almost all the Japanese imports to the major leagues have been way over hyped its a league talent wise between AA and AAA so his dominate numbers are nice in that league but the hitters here are bigger wayyyyy stronger quicker and just better so i'm gonna view him the same way i view Yoenis Cespedes prove the hype was real until then i say he's gonna do average to below average att best and is a waste of money when there are proven pitchers here in America that deserve that money

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