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How has the coronavirus affected your travel plans so far and in the near future?


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so far, I had to cancel my planned camping trip with my friends that was supposed to happen in April. There always next year anyway, At least mother nature's gonna take a break from all the pollution we've been putting out

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It has completely and thoroughly annihilated them and even more so after hearing about 6 hours waits just to pass customs in Chicago. After a 12 hour flight I would not be able to handle that.

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I was planning a surf trip to a pacific island, but the Micronesian Federation banned inbound travel from all countries with even one case of corona in late Feb.

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Badly.  Had 3 trips booked over next few months, all of which are in danger.  also had visitors coming from UK that may also be problematic.  My company has banned all international business travel (which is at least one nice thing to come out of this).

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I won’t be travelling anywhere until all this blows over.

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If this extends into Golden Week, then yes, big travel plans ruined.

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We were planning a three-week (minimum) trip from Australia to northern Japan and Hokkaido in May-June. When it became obvious that wasn't going to happen, we thought maybe in October-November. I'm not even sure about that now. A lot of people in the same situation have said it's not the fear of catching coronavirus as such that's the problem, more the fear of being stranded somewhere by border closures, quarantines, not being able to get home. I think the way things have unfolded this past week or so have borne that fear out.

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I work as a teacher at high school. I do not often travel abroad as well as across my country. However school events which offer the interactions with foreighers have already serioulsy affected. For example, though we were supposed to accept students from Beijing as an intercultural communication program, we got a request of canceling the event unfortunatelly. Moreover, we are now concerned whether the annual short/long term study abroad program should be canceled and postponed or not.

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My chance to go to my home country was already postponed and now it's looking highly unlikely. It's a shame for personal reasons, visiting family (one of whom is unwell) etc.

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We go to canada every summer to visit family and escape the Tokyo heat. Not this year.

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Not at all! I had plans, I did what I wanted to do and I ENJOYED it! My take on life is "It is inevitable that we all must die someway, somewhere someday. And there's nothing anyone can do to stop it. Prolong it, maybe. But the end will happen!" If you live this way, you can enjoy life without consequences. Get out there and live, people.

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I postponed my Hawaii surf and visit relatives trip.

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I canceled/postponed my annual trip to the States to see my folks. It sucks! both are still truckin at 81 and 87, and did not want to take any chances of bringing it to them or my best buddy wife getting caught in any kind of stateside quarantine.

”Better than safe” as she likes to say.

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Cancelled annual lads weekend away should have started tomorrow, the Booking was cancelled earlier this week. Our French twinning visit had to be cancelled. Probably won’t be able/advisable to travel down to Cornwall early next month. The play I was supposed to be in next month got cancelled last weekend, so no Wuhan virus hasn’t had any impact on me whatsoever!

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