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How has the pandemic changed your shopping habits? For example, other than, say, groceries and medicine, how much of what you buy is something you need and how much is just something you want?


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I pretty much buy everything else other than fresh fruit&veggies online. For the fresh produce, I make a quick and planned trip to the nearby corner store, a small fruit shop, or go to a big supermarket in the less crowded hours of the day by bike, once or twice a week. People are pretty much ignoring the social distancing thing now, however, so may have to cut the shopping trip to max once a week. It's too harrowing inside.

That's also the only difference in what we buy = less fresh produce, more canned & vacuum-packaged goods, which is a shame. All in all I think we spend more money in groceries, but then again don't eat out at all, so it's +-0.

We also buy more DIY things, as there's more time to make things at home.

Less clothes, as there are no events or places where you'd really need anything specific (and this for sure is actually a great change, if it's a bigger global trend - fashion industry being one of the biggest polluters).

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I only change my shopping habits when the consumption tax rises. I now spend 10% less than I used to.

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Obviously a bit different due to the more stringent social distancing rules backed by law here, but as a matter of choice have and shall continue to do all shopping on line. Don’t fear cash as easily sterilised. Also distrust the governments motives for demonising cash now and before the pandemic, virtual money gives them too much information and control over my life. Until there is an effective treatment and/or vaccine I doubt I will be doing much shopping in town. Lucky here as fields all around for exercise without anyone else and local businesses that have grasped the nettle and branched out in to home deliveries.

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I changed when I shop. I go out now in the evening when there are far fewer people. It's actually pretty nice, I'll probably keep it up permanently.

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I’ve been lucky enough not to lose my job, but am spending a bit less on discretions stuff just in case.

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I find myself giving out lots of personal information, in order to encourage being targeted by unscrupulous promotions, spam, cold calls and rampant capitalism. How about you?

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I find myself going online and cashless in favor of credit/debit cards in transaction. Other than efficiency, virus transmission might happen via coin or banknote.

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