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How long do you think it will be until people in Japan feel comfortable about no longer wearing face masks as an anti-coronavirus measure? Do you think it will require a government announcement that it's OK to no longer wear masks?


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Majority will probably wear them for years. To be fair, this virus is endemic and will always now have the "potential to evade vaccines" varieties popping up a few times a year.

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Surely that is much too premature. Look what has happened elsewhere.

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For those who are believed to be particularly at risk for any type of infection, I'd suggest that the matter first be thoroughly discussed between a patient and his/her medical practioner.

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@Hello, not sure I understand the response, I would suggest that elsewhere never wore masks to start with. They were common in the winter in Japan back in the 80's (probably well before) so habit is already formed.

Just a guess, hope I am wrong. I like seeing faces.

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People aren't wearing them in the bars and restaurants that are now full again

Everyone knows they don't need them, they're just putting them on for show

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Japan is a mask society, so I guess many many people will continue wearing masks for probably the rest of their lives.

I used already a mask long before Corona.

Against my Poll allergies which hits me every year in spring and autumn.

So me too, I will continue to wear a mask.

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They’re waiting for someone famous, preferably a tv celebrity, to tell them it’s no longer necessary. Most know it’s for show, but very few are willing to be the first to break the spell.

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Considering they were using masks before pandemic, 2040?

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The number of people wearing them is always going to be higher than it was before the pandemic, because people are more comfortable with them here. That said, it will loosen up some. Some people will stop wearing them altogether, and most who do will use them as chin-warmers, or take them off INDOORS at restaurants and what not, but wear them outside. I know a number of people who like wearing them for reasons beyond protection, like hiding moles or their teeth (which are fine, but which they have a complex about), or don't want to have to put on as much makeup, etc.

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they will always wear them, never gonna stop

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I saw two people kissing with masks down at the beach today in the rain under umbrellas. Quite cute.

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Everyone knows they don't need them, they're just putting them on for show

Most know it’s for show, but very few are willing to be the first to break the spell.

How can people "know" something that is false? that would be the same as knowing the earth is flat or that the moon landing is a hoax, masks have well confirmed use in reducing importantly the spreading of COVID, proved scientifically.

People will stop using them in the same degree COVID stops being a health risk above the normal.

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It will not end for a number of years, I'm afraid.

Masks are utterly useless at stopping a virus, but for many people they have become both a child's security blanket and a clear virtue signal.

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Japanese love to virtue signal and care too much about what strangers think of them so unless the government starts some kind of campaign or you see the politicians wearing them, they will keep the mask circus on.

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Masks are utterly useless at stopping a virus, but for many people they have become both a child's security blanket and a clear virtue signal.

It's so cute that we're almost 2 years into this you still don't get it.

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Uh as long as I have been here for 20 years people here have worn them year round. I really have not seen much change since this all started to be honest.

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I don't think it really will. Over the course of the next few years we will probably see a decrease in the number of masks, but I expect that the baseline is going to be at least 60% masked from now on, if not higher. Remember that people wore masks frequently beforehand already.

I will be honest, I don't intend to ever take mine off. It's a mild inconvenience at the absolute worst, and all the hygienic structures that have been introduced have meant I haven't been slightly sick since the pandemic started. No colds, no flus, no stomach virus. I used to get a cold about once a year and I don't miss it. Probably not going out for years is the biggest contributor for that, but I will take every bit I can get.

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Asians have wore masks before this pandemic.

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No LAW that enforces you to wear a mask so why bother thinking? If you are afraind and vaxxed then dont be afraid right? You put your faith in the vaccine to keep you alive. So what is the mask going to do unless you have a P100 or at least a N95 your not blocking much. I think we have reach HERD immunity so the mask not helping IMHO. Just it will take the programmed people to not be a sheep but be analytical and questioning the reality and then you and your soul shall meet harmony. Any how wearing a mask did not prevent me from catching a cold that lasted a week. CPR test and comming out negative.

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Just as the seasons change, people will begin to unmask next spring when it starts to warm up. Then in summer they will be mask free. Then come next autumn they will all be wearing masks again, and ad infinitum.

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Masks have been worn in Japan long before Covid and people will continue to wear them long after. I think it's going to come down to the seasons - masks will be prominent during Spring, Autumn and Winter aka hayfever and flu seasons but will probably decrease in Summer (because it's too dang hot and humid to wear a mask lest you want to pass out).

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depends on future strains as well. If we get a REALLY bad and dangerous strain...well could be a while

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The question obviously pertains to this 24/7 mask circus where people are wearing them even in cars alone, walking their dog in the park in the heat with no one around them etc. When will Japan end this virtue signaling mess? Honestly I have no hope, I think Japan is going to be like this forever because no one has got a backbone to be the first to take it off in public but I hope I'm wrong. God, do I hope I'm wrong and it loosens up eventually.

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