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How long do you think it will be until the TV streaming service bubble bursts?


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As long as traditional broadcast TV keeps broadcasting garbage reality shows and variety shows, people will continue to pay for streaming services.

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Is it a 'bubble'? What indications are there that this is not just the replacement for regular TV?

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As more companies get greedy and create their own services and fragment the market so much that it becomes too much of a hassle for most consumers, although I do think people will continue to sub to one or two services. I suppose this is somewhat preferable to the current cable system where most regions have a monopoly, at least these services make for a lot of competition which is good for consumers.

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If broadcast channels would show better-quality shows then they could win back the general public from tv streaming services. But one major advantage that streaming has is that you can watch how much you want and when you want, unlike broadcast shows that have schedules.

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I dont think it's a "bubble." I think it's the way of the future.

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Streaming is the way of the future as Jeff says, above. Gone are the days when you'd gather round the watercooler and discuss who shot JR and all that event telly.

The main thing is that viewers have a choice of what they watch. Be that reality tv, current affairs, sci-fi, soap, historical drama, documentaries etc.

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How do you answer a question that makes no sense? Who is silly enough to think that streaming is a bubble? That's like saying TV was a bubble, because it displaced radio.

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I can see the market getting oversaturated and some kind of 'subscription fatigue' settling in amongst consumers eventually. Companies will start (continue) to fail to reach their growth/profit targets and their stock prices might take a hit as a result. I'm not envisioning a 'bubble bursting' as such, but I do think the growth will stop somewhere soon and of course not every service will survive.

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CATV will die before streaming services do.

Streaming is profitable, including non-paid, just ad supported streaming services.

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