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How much attention do you think drivers in Japan pay to child safety seats or making sure their kids wear seat belts when they are in cars?


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I'd say less than half pay attention. I see kids being picked up from daycare or kindergarten standing, bouncing in the back. If you add how many times I have scolded mothers for leaving their kids in the car unattended, well that figure becomes higher. It is a shame. Most people don't treat their dogs in this fashion.

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The majority here couldn't care less what their kids do in their cars.

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Driving with young children on the drivers' knees. Older kids roaming all over the place. It still happens, but this is more noticeable - it's more difficult to see who is using a baby seat.

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How much attention do you think drivers in Japan pay to child safety seats or making sure their kids wear seat belts when they are in cars?

In most cases, much less than they should.

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Virtually none. Once saw a little kid (maybe 3) standing on the front seat holding a screwdriver. Ran an eikaiwa school for 8 years. Probably had 100 or more kids attend my school. In all that time, I maybe saw 2 or 3 kids get buckled in before the parents drove off after picking them up.

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Close to zero.

This is one of the most bafflinft hings about driving in Japan. Even cruising on the highways at speed, I've seen countless minivan drivers pay no attention to the kids climbing all over the seats. I mean get a grip!

Still, the most baffling observation is people driving at night without their headlights on...

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What's with all the thumbs down for people reporting what they see? Y'all think it is ok for these drivers to break the law and NOT use common sense? Good luck to you.

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I'd say 9 out of 10 of parents don't enforce childseats or seatbelts for their kids. I actually get shocked when I do see a child in a carseat or wearing his/her seatbelt!

Most of my kids' friends don't wear their seatbelts. You bet I make sure they wear it in my car. I've already told their parents (and the kids) that if don't wanna use the seatbelt, they can't be in my car. Plain and simple. And I tell my own kids that if they are in someone else's car, they better wear the seatbelt even if their friends aren't.

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Not much. Case in point, I was driving my daughter to school about an hour ago and the things I see on a daily basis where Japan needs to drastically and seriously make some heavy adjustments are.

1) child seats belong in the backseat, NEVER in the front. I don't know why parents don't understand the dangers of airbags and children.

2) little kids sitting in the front, often bouncing up and down, mothers driving while holding their babies. Children should be buckled up.

3) parents NOT caring about anyone on the road, and are in a hurry to drop the kids off speed like race car drivers through narrow streets, often barely hitting other kids walking to school or other cars, driving eradically, aggressively or violently. In Japan, many parents want to get their kids to school on time (that's the problem) leave earlier.

And as @sightclops mentioned, why cars drive without lights OR drive with their high beams on is extremely baffling.

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Probably not enough, but what's the point of soliciting anecdotal responses from a mostly foreign readership on a question like this??

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Personally, I'm pretty well disgusted with the lack of attention to child safety in cars in Japan. I can't count the amount of times I've seen a little kud's face planted on the windscreen of a family wagon while mummy just cruises along oblivious. Yesterday I saw a young mother in the front passenger seat with no seat belt nursing her crying two month old baby. And, don't get me started on kids being left in cars while their parents go shopping.

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Stephen K - some non-anecdotal info - statistically in my prefecture the # of belt users is less than 50% , with a somewhat similar % for non use/correct use of childrens seats..

I have many anecdotes supported by police data re abysmal safety sense and habits by road users here.

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Not much really! I have two little ones and I am strict on the fact that they have to be in their car seats IN THE BACK and not roaming around the car. My 3yo tried the whole "I want to sit in the front" and I put the brakes on that by saying "no as when we are home in NZ on holiday for 3 mths you have to sit in the back - no choice!!!". Thankfully hubby backs me up!

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I get nostalgic.

Seriously, I don't think I wore a seatbelt until I was 10. For a few years after that, after the law changed, it was only when my dad saw a cop that any of us would buckle up. Hell, my first car only had lap belts in the front! Somehow I survived.

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I often drive around at the time parents (mostly mothers) drive their children to the nurseries or schools. It's hard to estimate how many ignore proper safety standards. From what I observe it's something like 1 in 5. Far too many.

Still, the most baffling observation is people driving at night without their headlights on...

Very true. A few days ago I actually saw a police patrol vehicle driving with parking lights on (they call them "small" here) half an hour AFTER sunset. This behavior is extremely common. People don't seem to comprehend their headlights are intended to be seen in most situations rather than to see by. Driving a vehicle is strictly a personal matter. The other road user is of no consequence.

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