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How much longer do you think Shinzo Abe will be prime minister of Japan and who do you think would do a good job as his successor?


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Not for long, and anybody else, and his grandmother would be better in this position.

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his grandmother would be better in this position.

I'd say give the Diet building janitor a try. Haven't we had enough of politicians' relatives succeeding them?

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Who can predict such a thing in Japanese politics? All I can say is that it will be sudden and out of the blue, like always. Abe will with either personally slip up, or some bigwigs will want him out for some perceived harm to their wallet or power, and then there will be news and Diet proceedings and he will be tossed out.

I just hope someone less war promoting will take his place and soon. I also hope all the war junk sale restrictions get put back in place and all the constitutional (forced) interpretation baloney gets rolled back.

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ThonTaddeo: I'd say give the Diet building janitor a try. Lol, great comment! There are NO politicians that would be honest enough to do the job well, what we need is a common civilian to be PM. I would welcome someone who has no experience in politics, over the extremely limited choices we have now.

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Respect to the one who is first to post a real name.

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If the end of the fiscal year shows negative growth (which is likely), and Japan slides back into recession, Abe will pack his bags for the second and final time, and probably sooner than later, so when the crap hits the fan, he won't be splashed. It doesn't matter who replaces him, there is no man alive who can clean up the mess politicians have made over the last 70 years. The powers-that-be will find a strawman for the people to crucify, amd accept the blame for what others have done.

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Anyone from the JCP would make a better Prime Minister than Abe!

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Sha Renho from the DPJ and Eda Kenji from Japan Innovation Party would make good Prime Ministers in my opinion. The PM needs to be someone who is not afraid to take on the elite bureaucrats who really control Japan. All members of the LDP are in bed with the bureaucrats which results in the same old raise taxes and increase pork barrel spending policies that you get from them.

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Anyone with vision, anyone combative enough to challenge entrenched bureaucrats and elites, anyone with authentic liberal ideas would be welcome. i.e. All the attributes the establishment is designed to preclude.

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Sorry JT but there simply is NO LEADERSHIP whatsoever on these isles!

The closest I saw to a leader turned out to be only a Hair Style!

Leaders simply do not exist here

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To the 3 so far who negged me, give us some examples of leaders??? Would LOVE to see your list!

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I think Abe is on a mission from the Shinto gods to remain in office until at least 15 August 2015 in order to visit Yasukuni Shrine on that day, the 70th anniversary of Japan's surrender at the end of World War II. I wouldn't be surprised to see him dissolve the Diet soon after that day and call for an election. One of his primary objectives in life will have been accomplished by that point (namely, visiting Yasukuni as prime minister on 15 August on a milestone anniversary--there are 3 components to Abe's mission from the Shinto gods).

Japan's version of British-style Westminster democracy--with a prime minister required to be an elected member of parliament from the ruling party--is something of a farce given the mal-apportioned districts that give too much weight to rural areas (the last two general elections in Japan have been ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court for this reason), all the hereditary politicians, and so forth. Maybe the next PM should come from outside the Diet.

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Abe won't do a good job as PM, but he'll be in power in a long time.

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His wife.

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His wife.

Haha, nice. It's funny because it's true.

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