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How much TV do you watch each week?


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We got rid of our TV when we moved to Okinawa seven years ago.

Life is SO much better without it.

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I use my TV mainly for watching DVDs and old videotapes. I tune in to NHK's evening news programs and an occasional sports telecast on the BS stations. I couldn't imagine not having a TV, though, especially in times of disasters.

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News, the occasional documentary, a weekly gardening programme, one or two others. None of the 'same old faces again and again eating stuff and/or hitting each other over the head', which there seems to be more and more of these days.

In the last couple of months, with a 2-year-old visiting, we've been watching a lot of Thomas the Tank Engine and Bob the Builder on DVD.

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Japanese TV, none whatsoever. No need to pay NHK money when they provide very little content.

Digital age: AppleTV, HULU, NetFlix, SlingBox. TV when I want it, commercial free, and in my language.

6-8 hours a week. All internet based.

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I used to watch Japanese TV to improve my Japanese. The word oishii started to get on my nerves after a while. BBC is worth having.

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I never watch Japanese TV. I'd rather stab myself in the eyes. I only watch streaming TV through the Internet, using sites like Hulu or BBC.

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Wife watches NHK news in the morning (after I go to work), I join her on Sundays. In the evenings, I watch some cable TV, movies sometimes, but mostly sport and Discovery. we sometimes get about 30 minutes of peace with the Baby channel, our son loves it. sometimes

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I watch it sometimes just in the mornings such a background noise.

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When I'm in Japan I only watch it in when I'm in the hotel... and marvel at what drivel it is. Yes you get the occasional really good police series, but hour upon hour of those annoying panel shows at night. I think if I lived in Japan for any more than a month I would be begging for the BBC... strange thing is here at home I rarely watch TV. I mostly watch J-dramas on DVD hahaha

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I watch 49 minutes every week.

Every day I watch the weather report on NHK 1 from 18:52 to 18:59.

Anybody knows anything else that is worth watching?

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Long ago (mid 90s), I used to watch world news reports on one of the NHK BS channels while getting ready for work. It was great. You got 5 to 10 minutes of top news stories from different countries national broadcasters, with a choice of original language or Japanese. It's amazing to see the same story as reported by Spain, Russia, the Philippines, etc. And also to see what doesn't even register as important in yet another country. Sadly, if there was an MBA game, featuring a Japanese player, the news got bumped.

I got rid of all Cable a few years ago, after History Channel / Discovery Channel / National Geographic shifted from fact-based documentary type programming to stuff like, "Did Aliens Build the Pyramids?", etc. and CNN turned into a another pundit stream (a la Fox and MSNBC).

Now my TV is limited to some internet-bsaed - what and when I want it, viewing. I wish Hulu Japan had more BBC programming.

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volland. I am with you. I often watch the weather report. There is nothing else worth watching on J TV. And that is being kind. Try finding a program that does not completely annoy you within 15 seconds.

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Quoting an old colleague -

"When you first come to Japan, you don't watch TV because you can't understand it; fast forward 5 years, and you don't watch it because you CAN understand it."

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Try the History or Discovery channels. Or "Close-Up Gendai" on NHK weeknights from 7:30 p.m. There are, in fact, quite a lot of very good programs on Japanese TV, both free and satellite. You just have to know what you are looking for and avoid the dross.

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Used to watch a lot of jpns tv- of course great when still getting used to jpns. But HORRIBLE programming.

Got cable and now watch Law and ORder w/ dinner most nights, and CBS news.

Still, way too much tv, debate canceling, or getting rid of all non-jpns channels for cheaper... We only have a few decades of life before it is all over. Use it wisely and all that.

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Whenever I'm on the computer, the TV is on for background noise. Been multitasking like that since school days. (Also could put the TV screen on the corner of my large computer screen if so wish.)

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@OnniyamaJan. 23, 2013 - 10:45AM JST

"volland. I am with you. I often watch the weather report. There is nothing else worth watching on J TV. And that is being kind. Try finding a program that does not completely annoy you within 15 seconds."

Maybe I should have added, that I actually watch quite soem TV, but I suppose this questions is about japanese TV. Thanks to the internet european and american TV is available..... I do not think without those I could have survived 5 years here.... ;-)

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Japanese TV = COMPLETE waste of time.

How half of these "talents" even have jobs boggles the mind...

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Anybody knows anything else that is worth watching?

Yes, I do. There are some good documentary-type programs, such as "gaia no yoake" and "jyounetsu tairiku." "Another sky" is not bad either. I avoid "variety" programs and most dramas.

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