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How often do you wear face masks?


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every time I enter crowded and closed areas such as malls and public transport. during the start of the pandemic, I'd religiously wear a mask when I'm outside the house. After nearly 3 years, I just wear it in closed and crowded places.

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i wear when I get cold.to not infect others.

but yes i did not get cold some 6 years or so....

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On public transport and in malls, shops etc. However, if I'm outside walking about, I don't wear them anymore.

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When I answer the door (covid), go out anywhere (covid/pollution), when I'm gardening (pollen), when I'm vacuuming/handling perlite (dust) and when I'm holding-up stagecoaches (privacy).

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Only if I am in close proximity of someone, other than that, I don't, especially outside and never when I am in the car alone driving.....

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Never outside (crowded or not).

Never in bars and restaurants.

Never in the swimming pool… unlike some completely deluded people I see.

Only on public transport and in some crowded shops/ supermarket/business

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When I go to the supermarket and at work.

I don't use public transport anymore and don't really go anywhere else.

Got used to staying at home when I'm not working or shopping for essentials.

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Only if I am in close proximity of someone, other than that, I don't, especially outside and never when I am in the car alone driving.....

Oh man I hear you! Nothing looks stranger than masked people alone in their cars...

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As little as possible. Occasionally to spice up my romance.

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Probably an appreciable difference between Japan and UK but recently I have seen very few people wearing masks, it was never required outdoors but even in shops I see very few including the staff now. I only wear one in the doctors dentist or a hospital setting as they still require it.

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I wear them as chin guards on public transport or if the staff of a place I have to be at verbally requests it (happened once at a Shiyakusho). Otherwise I never wear them, nobody seems to care.

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I do when in the supermarket or a crowded place, which I try to avoid. I’m old and have lung issues and have managed to not get Covid.

I’m usually the only one not wearing a mask wherever I go where I live. Masks were dropped last year.

I had one snarling woman ask me in the supermarket why I was still wearing a mask. I told her it was a reminder for people to mind their own business.

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Can’t say, how often. I am too lazy and also see no reason for counting that. lol

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Only when I want to blow my nose. Ha ha.

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Not all all.

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My boyfriend cannot wear them, and he has got so much hate and discrimination that I refuse to wear them at all just out of principle.

The fact that all Random Controlled Trials on masks have shown no community effect for cloth masks, and very limited effects for surgical masks makes me want to wear them even less, specially when there are way better ways to avoid infection, like having proper air circulation in closed spaces, than then ~10% if everyone wear surgical masks, but most people wear cloth masks anyway, so it is completely meaningless for the most part.

The fact that people care so much about masks, more than vaccines, more than any other prevention method, 2+ years after the original pandemic, after most of the population has both, get the vaccine and/or got infected at least once, after the already low IFR has dropped even lower because of these things and virus mutations that have made the virus less risky, tells me this has little do with actual prevention, and more with irrational anxiety.

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Not very often here in Canada - they dropped all restrictions altogether, and you'd never know there even was a pandemic, other than some lingering plexiglass separators between the public and staff at shops. No need to wear masks. It's a strange feeling still.

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As little as possible.

I've often gone maskless in convenience stores and other such places. So far, no one's said anything to me.

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When ever I go out in public I wear a mask.

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