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How stressful is your workplace and how do you cope with it?


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workplace is horrible so check each day after work to see what new flavors of chu-hai have been released at all the major conbinis :-)

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I teach art, if something bad goes down at work I throw some pots on the wheel to relieve the stress.

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Take it out on the OLs!

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Rana Sodhi, great pic. I can feel your eyeballs poking me!

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What is stress ? Hahaha

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Wow! I wish I could work from home. What would I do? Open a massage studio,,,

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How stressful was my workplace? Lessee... no one to talk to unless I made some mistake and got called into the boss' office about it... zero chance of a promotion or salary raise...

How do I cope with it? I quit! Great decision, should have quit way before I did, ha ha!

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I work from home ... I can recommend it. Beats going to work.

Well, if only we had a choice...

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Haha I also work at home & have my own office (on my own, doubles as an awesome man cave as well, MAJOR plus!), BUT have to deal with a real SOB at times!!

And that SOB is ME!!!!

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It can be stressful as it's fast trading and problems do arise, tempers can flare but we do have a damn good laugh as well.

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Gets a bit lonely at times....Occasionally I have to force myself to put on some clothes and get outside

This is why I consider critters an essential working-from-home element. You gotta get up and take the dog out at least once a day, maybe talk to a neighbour or two while you're out, often even put on some clothes first.

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I work at home. Gets a bit lonely at times, but I have zero stress from the office. Occasionally I have to force myself to put on some clothes and get outside, so it's maybe not all that healthy.

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My boss is a real jerk who complains about every little mistake be it in production or a typo. He drives me nuts with rage sometimes. To cope with him, I drink and exercise (sometimes simultaneously). I think the exercise is the better option. Of course, like Cleo, I'm self-employed so maybe I could be less OCD on myself.

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I drink loads of beer after work.

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Very nice cleo ..Thumbs up.:)

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Sometimes the work itself can be a bit stressful, especially when there's lots of it and a tight deadline. But the workplace is fine. I work from home; no boss, free access to the snack basket, unlimited cuppas, my choice of background music, the critters to provide light relief. And zero commuting stress. I can recommend it. Beats going to work.

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Focussing more on hobbies and life outside work


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The real stress is when the company is slowly running out of business and the insecure employees are just waiting for the dooms day.

Focussing more on hobbies and life outside work really helps under such situation apart from preparation for the next job of course.

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My number one rule is do not get involved in office politics. Before long others realise that you do not take sides and don't involve you (while still staying as good colleagues). By doing this you do not create enemies nor spend a lot of time covering your back. Makes for a much better working life.

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Probably not very much on one level, meaning to say, if I don't take the education of future generations seriously or just think "Shikata ga nai". But if I get too much involved with the very serious issue of what has happened to these kids educationally before they enter the esteemed institution, and what is happening now, especially around report-grading time like now, I feel like I might blow a gasket. I always think of Procrustes and his bed.

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