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How useful do you find customer reviews on shopping sites such as Amazon and Rakuten?


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Pretty useful actually. These reviews were a godsend.


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Lately a lot of them are paid even Amazon. And in Rakuten they offer you a discount of the product that you're buying if you rate (stars) the item and leave whatever comment.

Still, I read reviews on different sites before buying a product. Save Rakuten of course, where some will even write the only reason they're rating the item is for exchange of a discount (where that's the whole review).

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Very useful for products that I know and regularly need or heavier items such as refrigerators.

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Just make sure the main reviewers' review histories seem like human reviews

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I tend to look at the 5-stars and the 1-stars. A lot of 1-stars are people who forgot to set the stars properly, or who didn't understand what they were buying, or are whiny babies.

But sometimes they can be useful.

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I rate everything honestly. My reviews are well liked.

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Not very much for Amazon. A friend gets tons of free stuff sent to house everyday that he doesn't have to return. In exchange for the free stuff, he writes a review on the product. He then sells the stuff on e-bay if he can.

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When you're looking at reviews to help you buy a product, it's really useful to save time and narrow down your choice by looking at the overall headline rating. When you do this, you probably assume it is the average left by reviewers. While most online sites will simply calculate the average or the mean score of all the ratings, a company like Amazon doesn't do this. Instead their product's overall score is based on algorithm that considers the age of the review, the number of helpful votes received and whether the reviews are verified purchasers. In the end this means that some reviews count more towards the overall score than others.

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I tend to ignore the 5-star and 1-star ratings, because they often gloss over the detail I'm looking for. People who rate more in the middle do so for a reason, and sometimes they write detailed reviews that answer the questions that are keeping me from ordering.

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Check this out. Just copy and paste an Amazon product page and this web site will check it for phony reviews. Just found this, have tried it yet. Not sure if it will work for Amazon.jp


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Just wanted to thank you for the Amazon link you posted.

Very useful reviews indeed. That's one product I'll never buy.

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I rely on them heavily and basically never go to department stores to shop unless and until I have done my online homework. There is nothing more nerve wracking than trying to make a big and important purchase with an impatient salesman/woman at your side.

Recently at Bic Camera they salesman was trying to show me an item and I immediately priced it lower on Amazon and he looked really dejected and said we cannot match Amazon,,,

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I look at the 1 and 2 star ratings. Some comments are kind of petty, but sometimes there are valid critiques or complaints.

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said we cannot match Amazon

Not many brick-and-mortar stores could price-match Amazon. Amazon doesn't have to pay to run store-fronts, just warehouses.

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