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How would you compare American animated films with Japanese ones in terms of technical quality and story-telling?


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I wouldn't; I would, however, compare specific companies producing them.

If we went into the heavy weights like Disney and Ghibli, I would say they are comparable, although Disney rarely crosses into more adult territory/themes (a la Princess Mononoke). I would say both offer top notch, quality films most of the time with occasional duds.

...same deal if we want to compare the dregs.

Even so, I would say that I was surprised how watchable some of the annual kids-animation stuff is like Doraemon or Conan are.

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Technical Quality : Both US and Japan are on par I think, perhaps the only ones in the animation market.

Story Telling : I think here US is far ahead of Japan simply because their stories appeal to global audience unlike Japanese ones. US is also one step ahead when it comes to adaptation of stories from other parts of the world.

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I agree with garfield. Technical quality is about even but US storytelling is a couple of notches above. In many Ghibli movies, there is always a lull that seem to go on forever without much story or character development. Its always right before the climax.. Ponyo, Kiki's delivery service and even my favorite Spirited Away have this issue in opinion.

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there is always a lull that seem to go on forever without much story or character development

...like Japanese meetings. Think of it as choreography.

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Toy Story blows (any) Japanese anime out of the water, no questions asked. ie; Andy, Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie, Ham (LoL), Lutzow & Baby rocked a great storyline.

Plus look at all the other countless Disney Classics there are. Don' Japanese "love" Disney & Mickey prob more than ur average American?

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Technically American animated films are the best, you can't compete with their in-house high-tech software and render farm, no other companies in the world has the technical capability and processing power like Pixar and Disney. Story telling wise, American films tend to glorified how a person's struggle, becoming better, and finally achieved his/her goals (the typical American dream character development), while Japanese films are more about goalless-everyday-lives with a little twist and imagination.

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No doubt, American animated films are simply the best and loved by all children.

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TV series is where Japanese Animation firm put their emphasis. Theater version is usually just cut and paste of the TV series.

Giveme_abreakJUN. 07, 2016 - 10:52AM JST

No doubt, American animated films are simply the best and loved by all children.

That is about it. They are for children, nothing for adults to discuss on quality or story telling.

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Japanese ones used to be better IMO, but no question Disney's are superior recently

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For the US there is only Disney and there are only for children where as the Japanese anime is geared towards more higher aged audience.(Won't say matured) Disney animation are mostly big ticket theatrical releases so comparing them with Japanese TV releases are basically comparing apples with oranges since the budget is completely different.

As for TV animation in the US many are now made in Japan so there is no point in doing comparison. Basically Japanese anime production studios are adopting various art styles that are favored within client country.

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This question is too broad. Similar technology is used in both -- and I believe that both US and Japan firms outsource a good bit of animation to South Korea these days. In terms of storytelling, there's no shortage of carefully engineered money grabs in either country. Cross platform advertising and "toyetic" stories are everywhere.

If I had to name a difference, I'd suggest that maybe Japanese animated films meant for general audiences rely less on violence, romance, and pop culture as driving forces in their storytelling and presentation. You're more likely to see a slice-of-life animated film or a story considered "timeless" out of Japan. Another general difference is that the animated musical format doesn't seem to be a thing Japan does. (Please correct me if I'm wrong here -- this is the one generalization where I can't immediately think of exceptions.)

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Um, bugs bunny is the best.

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As for technical quality, Japan wins, hands down. On the story line, I would rate both countries as "even".

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