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How would you compare Japanese and American animation, particularly in terms of technical aspects and story-telling?


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Japanese animation tends to focus a lot on physical aesthetics and subtle character designs that describe their characters, while American animations tend to show things upfront and the aesthetics are more childish and cartoon-ey looking. Plotwise, japanese anime tend to follow a certain trend where the MC starts all naive and pure while American animations tend to be more episodic. Both are great and can't be compared equally as they both shine in their own way.

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Three fingers or four?

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American and Hollywood - There is one hero from beginning to end.

Japan - A Hero could be Villain.

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I often watch Japanese Anime, so I will be able to talk about the aspect of Japanese side. First, well known Japanese Animation company stick to a way they use: tegaki, or hand drawing. On the other hand, it seems that lots of animation company overseas use digital drawing. Second, characters of Japanese anime show their expressions with eye movement or making a few seconds pause, however characters depicted in overseas company do that with their mouth and eye brow movement or body language. By comparing Japanese anime with the others overseas, we will be able to understand each country's culture. Very interesting.

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Though I'm not a heavy anime viewer, I see some differences between Japanese and American Anime.

First of all, American anime tends to focus on extraordinary characters undergoing many adventurous expedition, whereas many Japanese anime depicts challenges in people's ordinary life. There are some unique Japanese anime too, but in general, they have relatively average powers.

Secondly, in terms of technique, Japanese animation is more likely have superior technology since the country is the hub of anime, and is good at showing characters' subtle emotions. On the other hand, American ones look a bit cheap and too simple when it comes to character representation.

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Back in the day, I just loved my Saturday morning cartoons. I wanted to just have fun watching crazy antics. The gross things that Japanese anime put in their movies just, well, like I said, gross me out. I will never watch an anime made by Ghibli again.

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