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How would you compare the leadership shown by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Tokyo Gov Yuriko Koike so far during the coronavirus outbreak?


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Abysmal. For both.

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Leadership on the Coronavirus after the Olympics was cancelled you mean?

Coz before that I saw NO leadership on this matter AT ALL!

Absolutely farcical !

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Using a baseball analogy, Koike can play in the Japan Series, Abe maybe high school bench warmer at Koshien, but neither are can play major league for sure.

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One big difference between the two is communication skills. Abe cannot speak fluently to public even in Japanese, he read papers prepared for him by bureaucrats, whose language is more technical and not easy to understand. Koike, on the other hand, speaks eloquently. Her Japanese are very beautiful and easy to understand - thanks for her experience as a TV News anchor.

She is very unique in her communication skills with young people, which resulted in spreading the concept of social distancing among young Japanese people, who quickly created songs and games about it, using Koike's voice and phrase, known as "Mitsu desu" (密です).

It all started with her communication with Hikakin, a popular YouTuber.


Then came a bunch of Koike songs.




Then came Koike games.



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Abe thinks like his gran daddy.

Koike thinks like a daughter he might have had.

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Well, not sure whether we've seen much leadership in either case, but Koike san definitely wears way nicer face masks.

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Since the question is a comparison of the two individuals and not relative to what our ideals would have hoped for I would say Koike, by a long shot. I'm just glad that Abe and the LDP weren't in power during the tsunami and meltdown.

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Japan's first female Prime Minister in the making? The Japanese people listen to and have some trust for Koike. As for Abe they simply tolerate him.

"He can't be helped, what can we do? "

Koike a solid defensive midfielder. Not flashy but does her job. Abe is a goal leaking right back with an own goal given away more matches than not.

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A lot of hot air coming from both, although Abe's air may be a bit hotter. It's like a competition to see who can use the words urge, ask and request most often.

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I suspect Abe-San has been influenced by trump. I suspect Abe-San has been bullied to a degree by trump. At this difficult time, world leaders are in the same position. Dammed if you do Dammed if you don't.

Koike-San is a tough cookie. Put yourselves in their shoes. They both have to deal with short, medium and long term goals, which change every day.

Stay safe Japan. be nice, be kind to each other, ne.

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They are both a joke. Look how they equally postponed and fought to infect people here in order to keep the Olympics on track. Once that ended they both equally feigned to be surprised and concerned about the virus, and they are both equally guilty of being weak in standing up to companies and businesses that put profits before health and safety.

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Comparing these two responsibility-averse losers for "Leadership" is like comparing leg ulcers with rectal fistulae for desirability.

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Looks appears to be more proactive and most importantly whether people agree with her or not, effectively communicates her message quite clearly.

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