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How would you define "otaku" and does the word convey a negative impression to you?


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Social-r*tard, unwashed, unkempt, mummy's boy....

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I know many Otaku most are hard working in mid-level management, married with kids. Otaku tend to earn above average and don't stand out.

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To put it plain and simple. First meaning, Otaku is a word used metaphorically as an honorific second person pronoun. Second meaning, s slang word derived from the word home meaning an obsessed nerd or geek with a particular hobby. Third meaning, a stereotypical word depicting it as a kimoi or disgusting, nothing being cute about them. In the end it appears to be a polysemy with several related meanings and or a multiple meaning word depending on how, where, and in what way the word is used and can be either positive or negative.

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I don't associate the word "otaku" with maturity or the ability to go out into the world and connect meaningfully with others, so it is a negative impression.

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In Japan, the term Otaku has derogatory term and it is deservingly so as the majority seems to get carried away with that lifestyle. It could just mean somebody with deep passion for certain hobbies but from my observation that lifestyle also inconveniences the other people around them because they can be too obsessed with something.

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Most people around here throw it around pretty lightly, referring to anyone who has a somewhat-strong interest in video games and anime. My wife even jokingly called me an Otaku when I beat her at super mario kart for the SNES, haha.

I don't really think the word has that negative of a connotation, anymore. It's kinda like 'nerd' in the U.S., it used to have a very negative meaning, but people now sometimes even wear it as a badge of pride.

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Its definitely NEGATIVE!

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Definitely negative. Beta males who follow instead of lead. You'll never seen a toned guy who looks sharp in a suit described as an otaku. Otakus are easy suckers for the products we market to them. They don't have much in the way of independent thought.

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