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How would you define terrorism?


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Organized governments.

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Extreme religious or political insanity. That's why I HATE religions and avoid politics.

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like democracy every country has its own definition of terrorism.

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Look in a dictionary - the definition is pretty clear. I do not understand why everyone is in such a panic about whether this is "terrorism" or not. We need to understand the boys' motives, and that should tell us the answer.

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There are legal definitions for terrorism however it means different things to different people throughout the world. Thus nowadays it probably amounts to self-glorification with bullying solely on a very large scale. After all these low-life cowards have powerful weapons and fighters who embrace death as martyrdom. Therefore nothing is worse than a dangerous miserable coward who is most likely a religious fanatic and believes that he has nothing to lose.

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The use of physical or economic violence with a motive of instilling fear and terror in a population in order to coerce or subjugate them to the interests, desires or convictions of the perpetrator.

And yes, state terrorism is included in this definition.

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This is a very sensitive topic that may lead to a big misunderstanding when comments are given.

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British English: The performing of acts of violence which are designed to induce terror.

American English: The performing of acts of violence which are designed to induce terror when they are neither approved of or sponsored by the U.S. government.

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