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How would you evaluate Japan's performance in the FIFA World Cup in Qatar?


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With both teams that progressed going out to rather unfancied opposition in the last 16, it looks like Japan got out of a pretty weak group. I don't know if that tells the whole story. Perhaps there are fresh shoots for the future. We will see. It's a funny old game.

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Great in parts of the games but negative and very predictable in others. The group looked difficult on paper but Spain and Germany were very poor.

Overall good. They matched their best of last 16.

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Hard to say. Considering there were so many upsets...

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They really tried hard and gave their best. I think it’s more a problem of physical condition, especially under that tournament situation in Qatar with its very narrow schedules. Did you realize the win-lose-win-lose pattern? They relatively easy won even against much more famous teams, but always lost the next succeeding match. That’s telling the story here, as they just only need a longer time to regain full power, physical and mental strength, healing out injuries etc., at least in comparison to most other participants who have higher size, weight, robust physical strength on average.

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Good performace, there were some arguments though. As well as athletes, supporters from Japan did a great perfomance after the games end. They clean up the seats they used. That's what I can be proud of as one of Japanese citizens.

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Football is a results business, so Japan did well and were a penalty shootout off doing better. I don't think they were particularly convincing, but that doesn't really matter.

On the flipside, Germany created a ton of chances and with slightly better finishing would have been a potential tournament winner. However they missed enough of those chances and made enough defensive howlers to crash out. If only there was a word to describe the joy others feel in their demise....

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Surprising. Pleasantly surprising. Nice work fellas. You made an impact.

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With two world football giants in their group in Germany and Spain, they probably did better than many would have expected in getting out of the group although in the end, those two had very disappointing tournaments. Beating those two was quite impressive all the same and no doubt brought a big smile to the faces of many neutrals. The defeat against Costa Rica was a low point. The Croatia game could have gone either way. Overall, getting to the last 16 seems about on par for the Japanese team at this time.

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Improvement! Expectation should be higher if they return with the same team or more improved players

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