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How would you evaluate U.S. President Donald Trump's first 100 days in office?


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These 100 days just confirm what anyone with half a brain knew 101 days ago.....that he is a total bs artist.

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Listen, the one guy most surprised Trump won, is Trump. Now he probably regrets losing his wonderful life. His performance kind of resembles Chuck, the disfigured muscular son in Goonies, who communicated by incomprehensible grunts and flailing his arms as if others should naturally understand.

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Wow, listen to what this guy had to say about the president:

You're supposed to get together and pass a law. He doesn't want to do that because it's too much work. So he doesn't want to work to hard, he wants to go back and play golf.

Oh sorry, did you think he was talking about Trump? No, that was Trump talking about Obama.

What's good for the goose is not good for the gander apparently.

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@zichi - And what about those tax forms !

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Trump did double the membership fee for his Mar-a-Lago club which was being promoted by the Sate Dept calling it "the winter Whitehouse". The post was shared on the U.S. embassy in Albania's Facebook page and the website for the embassy in the United Kingdom, while the latter has since removed the article.

The State Department has removed an article on its website that promoted President Trump's Mar-a-Lago club in Florida.


Each Trump trip to his Mar-a-Lago costs the taxpayer $3 million. Total cost of Obama's trip over 8 years is $98 million. In the first three months Trump has made 7 trips to Florida.

Trump still refuses to make public his golf score card. Shameful!

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The world is not a better place. The U S A is still not great! Nor will it be.

Fact and Honesty have been deleted from this administrations vocabulary.

False and Fake news, compounded by a False and Fake president.

58 million spent on blowing things up. FAIL !!!!

An innate inability to be able to Politic, just dribbles on and on in campaign style rhetoric.

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As expected from a mere businessman -- completely in over his head and clueless.

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I think it's probably fair to say that Trump has done more in his first 100 days of Presidency that any other President has done in the first 10 hours of theirs.

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An unmitigated embarrassment. The only positive thing to be said about Trump's first 100 days is that they haven't been apocalyptic... yet.

It's odd that the party that still enthusiastically supports Trump and his wasteful back-room dealing, nepotism playing, kleptomaniac, coal polluting, school bankrupting, meals on wheels ending, insurance destroying, art defunding bigotry is the same party that by and large claims to follow the religion of a guy famous for saying, "For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?"

But I guess religion only matters when you use it to stop icky things like the ole' dick-in-butt.

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Yes economy is important, but a flourishing economy doesn't really help the country if most of that money is still in the hands of the wealthiest who, let's be honest, don't really need the added income. Cutting taxes won't matter if people aren't paid decent salaries in the first place, and as we can already see pretty clearly, rich people don't pay good salaries just because they can, or many of them wouldn't be so stupidly rich.

Nothing about Trump's presidency has really surprised me, maybe only how quick he has been to shown his idiocy full-force.

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A circus, plain and simple ! A three-ring circus at that ! An embarrassment to our country.

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I would give him a B so far. I think they really looked incompetent on the whole health care thing. But that will get fixed shortly and that was more a Congress mess up than Trump. I would have given him an A but some of the things I wanted to see as far as sanctuary cities and immigration still need to get unblocked by the courts.

Plus I wanted to see a little more of America first and staying out of other county problems. NK action is fine because they are directly threatening the USA. The economy and jobs are booming and the upcoming tax cuts should further that, so all that has to account for something.

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The economy is the most important thing.

Trump getting elected was supposed to crash the US economy, which hasn't happened yet, thank goodness.

In fact the NASDAQ just hit all-time highs overnight and the Dow is also right up there. Stock markets are not the economy, but they do reflect a lot about it and the response has been not only positive but far far better than what the media had led people to believe.

Today Trump is going to announce his intentions regarding taxes. Cutting taxes and letting people keep their own money is a good idea. If he doesn't blow this announcement by (for example) signalling his intent to introduce stupid new types of taxes, then he gets a pretty good mark from me after 100 days.

But longer term, as well as actually making sure taxes are cut, he needs to make other changes as well on the expenditure side. Boosted economic growth may go a decent way to plugging the financial deficit, but it may not completely plug it.

So far Trump has signaled that he won't mess with so-called "entitlements". If it's the case that a few years into a US of lower taxes that the financial deficit is still there, he ought to make tough calls about reforming government spending to address this. This is required in order to get full marks.

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Tired of winning yet?

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Fun, from this north-of-49ther's point of view.

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Appears that President Trump doesn't understand how the Office of the President uses power.

He isn't a dictator and needs to learn to play well with others to make progress on anything. He's clueless about how budgets work - asking astronauts if we can get to Mars during his first term after cutting NASA's budget which was going for a 2030-ish Mars timeframe - idiot.

OTOH, he's nailed the nepotism and arrogance. My ACA health care bills are still 2.8x what they were pre-ACA, so I'm unhappy about that. I pay more for health insurance than any other bill every month - without any conditions or medications.

As President, I'd give him an F-. 25 out of 100. Have to give him credit for a few things. He did appoint a conservative to the Supreme Court, but I'm not thrilled with most of his other appointments.

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