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How would you rate Japan's performance at the Rio Olympics so far?


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Considering there are close to 200 other nations who would love to be where they are right now on the medal tally, I would say Japan have had a very good first week. Well done Japan.

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Couldn't get any better. Currently at 3rd place with 7 gold. But could they maintain it until the end?

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They're doing incredibly! 3rd in the table atm, well done!

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Must. Beat. China.

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Yes, third in the medal count. You can't really complain about that.

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A quick glance at the medals table tells the story of Japan's success so far: Great! Japan has seven golds, two silvers and 13 bronzes for a total of 22 medals overall. With a week's worth of events under its belt, nobody expected Japan to have so many medals at this point. More medals will undoubtedly come in wrestling ... and with unexpected wins in other sports ... the total should climb even higher.

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Fantastic effort I think

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I was disappointed that the Japan women's volleyball team couldn't take a set from Brazil, but then again almost no team can, lol. They might beat Russia tomorrow morning though!

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Doing well indeed!

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Japan is not bad in swimming and. gymnastics. However Japan will need to be very competitive in 2020 as host nation. Japan should learn from Australia how to win more medals without spending fortune during 2000 Olympic.

For Australia, they will grant citizenship anyone who is potential for wining medals. Japan needs to follow Aussie way for chasing talent from all over the world for becoming top five in 2020 Olympic.

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Japan is doing great and so far, considerably better than 2012! I am happy to see that Japan is back on the Gold Medals in Judo, as Matsumoto was the only one in the previous Olympics.

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Impressive on their 1st week. In London they won a total of 38 medals with 7 golds. With still a week-long, there'll be plenty more hopefully, with their strong eventsー Wrestling and Women's Marathon still left.

My personal bets to medal are KENZO SHIRAI on (Gymnastics Floor Exercise and also Vault) ; World Champion Duo-pair of TAKA-MATSU on Badminton's Women's Doubles) ; Wrestling's 3-time-Olympic gold medalist KAORI ICHO and likewise 3-time-Olympic gold medalist SAORI YOSHIDA. All of these athletes are potentially capable of winning gold for Japan. They can be strong in Syncronized Swimming and in Rhythmic Gymnastics as well and pull an upset..。Even in Boxing, Athletics and Cycling where Japan medalled in the last past three Olympics. Go Japan! 頑張れぇ 日本!q(^-^q)

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Russia's loss is Japan's gain.

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