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How would you rate outgoing U.S. Ambassador to Japan Caroline Kennedy? Do you think she did a good job?


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What did she really do besides be JFK's daughter so that the average Japanese knew who she was?

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From what I was told, Japan huge obsession with Jacki-O, and this being her daughter, makes perfect sense, emotionally, not logically.

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Yet another unqualified hack, given a plum patronage position purely for her last name and her unwavering support of the Obama brand. The US embarrasses itself by such appointments. What is wrong with choosing professional diplomats for key positions like this? By contrast, let's see who Japan chose as their ambassador to the US...

Kenichiro Sasae. Graduate of Tokyo University, previous vice foreign minister, 40 years of international experience, fluent in English...

The contrast is shocking.

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Given that the US does appoint ambassadors for political reasons, it's not her fault that she was offered the job. She made a high-profile visit to Hiroshima, from memory, paving the way for Obama's visit there. I think she did fine.

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Good times never seemed so good.

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Failure. In response to the numerous incidents of acts of violence by US military personnel in Okinawa, she repeated the familiar "redouble our efforts" BS -- translate as "do absolutely nothing."

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She got the job because she was JFK's daughter and had a square to fill on her "been there done that" list. Probably was counting on HRC to win the election and to parley her "experience" as ambassador into a cabinet position or even run for office in the Kennedy tradition. Goodbye Caroline, time to go back to your free ride and regroup.

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She was pretty nondescript. Can't think of any notable achievements.

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Her tenure really seemed to reinforce the notion that the Japan ambassadorship is a sinecure. Her duties seemed utterly ceremonial the entire time.

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Since it's mainly a ceremonial and social post anyway, there is really nothing to say unless the ambassador is involved in some major screw-up. It has probably been decades since DC has even asked an ambassador to Japan for advice. There are plenty of other Americans here to do the hard work.

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