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How you dress at work is way more important than you think. Do you agree?


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But how do you know what I think?

Seriously, suit culture needs cancelling. Awful thing to wear, so many Japanese people have told me how in India and Singapore people don't wear them and I'm pretty jealous to be honest.

It might matter in Japan, but that's only because people think it matters. Circular logic

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Wow, That's a pretty subjective question.

I've had to wear a suit at work before, even though the nature of the job didn't involve meeting the public and I've often dressed in t-shirt and shorts. Really depends on what you do, I guess.

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Our policy is smart causal, we also have a clothing allowance to reflect/support that policy.

Customers and investors visit on a regular basis, visual impressions must reflect our high standards of product quality.

How you dress at work is way more important than you think........A vague and ambiguous statement. It provokes an assumption that Employees are oblivious to the importance of dress sense or appearance. Actually a tad insulting.

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The land of the cheap, black suit.

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Yes, I do agree. It IS more important than many people may think but dressing nicely won't bring any benefits or accolades if your work isn't up to snuff.

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Do you know what I wear (if anything) while I'm typing this ? Well, same at work. Nobody sees me. I just need clothes to protect me from the cold in Winter.

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That really depends on your occupation. Surgeons don't wear suits in the operating room nor firemen dashing into burning buildings.

Nor engineers and construction workers who build our cities. The corner bakery which gives us our daily bread. The dentist who reliefs our pain. Or the night astronomer who scans the night sky disappearing down a blackhole, like a Friday night salaryman.

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How you dress at work is way more important than you think. Do you agree?

Is this a riddle? If I agree that it's way more important than I think, then actually it's not way more important than I think after all, is it? Because, by agreeing, I have rethunk my thoughts.

If I disagree, we have no such logical contradiction. So I will disagree.

I had a naked masseuse once. Clothes obviously were not a big part of his work.

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Undeniable logic. Very funny!

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Very nicely done.

What a weird question.

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Great comment.

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Zichi you are corect, but that does not preclude dressing nice. Other people really do react to how a person is dressed.

Dressing nice does always mean a suit. Outside of jobs where one is getting dirty every day, taking some care in how one is dressed has an effect on those you interact with.

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I have had many very high paying jobs but never one requiring a suit.

Some guys don't look good in a suit, wrong shape but others like myself wear them well.

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Unless you're in a job that's related to appearance (fashion, makeup, advertising, acting, etc), involves you dealing with clients directly, or involves some kind of uniform (police)... your appearance is 100% irrelevant.

I once saw some fossil complain about the appearance of a programmer in a YouTube video. And he didn't even look messy or bad in any way, it was a simple plaid shirt and jeans, clean shaved etc.

I asked him how the guy's appearance affects the validity of the information he was providing, and the fossil starts talking about how he wouldn't want a doctor that smelled like booze operating on him.

Because, you know... performing surgery on someone while under the influence of an intoxicant is the same exact thing as not wearing a suit and tie while just talking about code.

Gave me a major headache trying to comprehend the mental gymnastics he had to go through to arrive at that one...

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