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If and when a coronavirus vaccine is developed, how long do you think it would take to administer it to everyone in the world? How would it be done?


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I'd guess the first month would be given to the world's elite in the first weeks to a month, to high-level government officials and their families in the second month, those who are quite well-off and have connections by the third month, the vital emergency workers on the fourth, regular people on the fifth, and those residing in poorer countries by the latter half of the year or possibly even a year after the vaccine was distributed. Just think about how quick and how good the medical services these classes of people are already having before the pandemic. If your local community is having trouble even getting basic meds and vaccines, then you get the idea.

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In the US it's likely some anti-vaxxers (US and/or 'foreign') would try to get the courts to restrict distribution of the vaccine, slowing its release.

If a vaccine is eventually developed, I agree with @Toshiro it will be administered on a class-based basis.


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I think the more interesting question is how much is to going to cost. How much is Big Pharma going to make and are public health systems going to foot the bill? If it's only partially effective like a flu shot, there's a good chance the same money could be spent more effectively. I'd imagine most public health systems have underfunded areas that result in more deaths than Covid-19 has in the lesser affected countries.

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This is a silly question.

For one, is it even necessary to administer “the vaccine” to everyone in the world?

Would it be compulsory, or at least carrying socioeconomic penalties for people who don’t roll over and comply?

And there will be some who won’t be able to take it for health reasons.

Plenty will refuse to take it on conscientious grounds.

If the vaccine is safe, Toshihiro’s scenario is plausible enough. If it’s not, it would be likely to go to people in the developing world, dressed up as some humanitarian program, and damage done will be written off as pre-existing conditions.

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Many don't want it.

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@kyronstavic: maybe it's not necessary that every human being alive would actually need the vaccine, but governments, big pharma and paid experts would likely make it seem that we all need to be vaccinated for the actual sake of it and/ or for some vested interests. I'm honestly believing that the need for vaccines would likely be used by some entities to pursue hidden agendas under the guise of preventing the pandemic from spreading. Earlier pandemics just went by without the entire global population needing a vaccine and authorities imposing any protocols, but this COVID-19 is just hyped beyond reason and yet, it is no more fatal than the common flu.

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Look to the flu vaccine for guidance. I guess it will only be widely available in developed countries, and probably China will make it mandatory.

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If and when a coronavirus vaccine is developed, how long do you think it would take to administer it to everyone in the world? How would it be done?

How the hell are we supposed to know THAT?! There are TONS of variables that will go into answering that question including whether or not the virus mutates and how, whether or not the vaccine will have any effect on the new strain or not, who develops the vaccine and whether or not they will choose to hord or politicize its release.. there's a ton of variables.

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We need a Bond villain to develop a series of missiles or satellites to get it to everyone pronto.  Does it need to be administered to everyone in the world?

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First there will not be an effective vaccine anytime soon, if ever. That might not stop some governments and big pharma from promoting an ineffective vaccine as the thing everybody in the world needs. Some companies will make fortunes, some bureaucrats and politicians will get a nice bonus, and the governments get to set a nice precedent where they can force the people they rule to submit to getting injected. That could be very useful to aspiring dictators down the line.

Don't forget to take your soma.

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How would it be done?

Probably by intravenous injection.

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I'm assuming it will be invented by a big multinational pharma whose global subsidiaries will also conduct the manufacturing in countries like Japan. Otherwise, it would license global partners for production/distribution.

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Probably by intravenous injection.

No vaccines that I know of are delivered intravenously. It would be either intramuscular and subcutaneous.

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