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If business conditions necessitate letting some staff go, what do you think is the best way to make firings more palatable, both to those being let go, and to those who are staying?


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Start by genuinely thanking them for their contribution to the business. Explain using empathy that it is the state of the economy and not their commitment and dedication that has forced the company to make the harsh decision.

Failing that, go and grab a coffee whilst you appoint someone else to fire them - problem solved :)

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Palatability would depend on the size of the severence package :)

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ihavegreatlegs> thats more palatable... for the one doing the firing :) Hell why not send it by facebook or sms?:)

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Cut CEO pay. And if you still have to let people go after that, make it publicly known that performance will be closely monitored and the bottom few will be let go at the end of the month.

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Its never an easy thing to do no matter how you do it. Harder if they are good staff.

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Cut the salaries of everybody so that everybody can stay.

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Get rid of the ones who've been there the longest, making the most money, lol.

Get rid of the full timers - that health insurance and those bonuses cost too damn much, heck, the part timers can handle things, lol.

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The most palatable firings I have run across included the current company introducing those about to be fired to another company who needed employees; also, I've seen the current company help finance re-education for those about to be let go - so they could get a marketable skill. Basically, the company did what they could to help the person find another job. A generous severance package also helps.

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As Borscht says, instead of firing, try to start with "outplacement" - a process, which can take between several months up to a year depending on the skill of the person and the market conditions.

Actually nothing new, big corporations (for example in Germany ) are already practicing this.

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Rock Paper Scissors and Dodgeball

If I was running a japanese company. I would line my employees up and perform dodgeball or jun kin

Shi sho gu Jun kin pon !!!!!!!

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