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If Hillary Clinton were to be elected U.S. president next year, would that be good for Japan?


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Absolutely NOT! Both Clinton and Obama treat Japan like it is a little lap dog, and when you say "JUMP!" it jumps, and when you say "PLAY DEAD!", it plays dead. Look what Obama did to Hatoyama (a fellow Christian to boot). She is in the same class. Please elect Bernie Sanders.

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Nope! Only Trump can help solve Japan's economic problems.

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Hillary is essentially a moderate Republican in Democratic clothing — I mean she spent six years on the board of directors of Walmart. She would probably maintain the status quo.

Sanders would focus more on issues at home, keeping Japanese manufacturers in the U.S., and would possibly also bring American troops home. This could even mean some base closures overseas.

As for Trump or Carson, they would probably increase America's military presence overseas and fuel a lot of international hostilities. God help us if either of them get elected.

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A resounding yes ! It would be good for the whole world !

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No. She is a liar. Will do or say anything if it helps her in the end.

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Who cares? Japan is pretty much irrelevant at this point anyway. Obama has gotten the TPP done and Abe has pushed through the pro-military agenda, so most of the heavy lifting with Japan is already done. But, since Clinton has come out against TPP, that should be of some concern over there.

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As long as she visits and says something nice I don't think it matters to Japan who it is.

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I think the question should been something like: If Hillary wins, will she be soft on Japan?

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Agree with jerseyboy. Who cares. And ultimately, it's up to Japanese to decide what is best for their own country. Whoever ends up in the Oval Office shouldn't have a major impact in Tokyo and among ordinary japanese nationals.

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Never mind her political stance on things, her secret service bodyguards say she's a real b@tch. I'm quoting one of them, and this is no joke. They report numerous encounters like this...Secret Service guy "Good morning ma'am", Hillary Clinton "F@ck off". I'm not making this up.

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Presidents don't matter. Obama said over and over he'd close Gitmo.

They are puppets.

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Why do people keep saying that Japan is irrelevant? Then why do important world leaders keep coming here? Why will the G7 be held here? Why are there increases in tourism? Why is Japanese technology everywhere? Japan is the largest creditor nation in the world (in contrast to the US, the largest debtor nation). I'm guessing you are not in Japan or you don't have your finger on the pulse of the world. Also, why are you here? (I don't mean in the existential sense.)

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They are people who are just bitter about Japan.

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Why do people keep saying that Japan is irrelevant?

Simple, gokai. By their own projections, Japan's population is set to decline by about 25% by 2040 -- just 25 years away. And their economy and world influence will decline right alone with it. And global leaders, and busineses, are forward-thinking, and put their time, money, and influence betting on the future, not the past. So that "technology" you reference is quickly being surpassed by many other countries, like China and SK. And, the "creditor nation" designation will also decline sharply.

Also, why are you here? (I don't mean in the existential sense.)

And, we "are here", at least on JT, to try to add some reality to the otherwise "let's collectively put our head in the sand and pretend Japan is still great" thinking, like yours.

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I don't think we are bitter, I think frustrated might better describe us. Perhaps we just think its sad how Japan seems to take the wrong roads, miss the turns, watch its economy decline, see how its getting harder for us & those around us as wages decrease & taxes increase.

And YES Japan aint what she used to be so has less & less influence wrt to the rest of the world, we are not bitter just pointing out the reality.

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"Also, why are you here?"

In America, they say the same thing: "love it or leave it." It's true: criticizing the place where you live is just wrong. Criticize Tokyo by all means Osakajins! But not Osaka (traitors). On the other hand, those that sing Japan's praises and neglect her problem are on the people's side...which people?...Um...not the Japanese people who are grumbling, the other people. The good ones. Gokai decides who can live where. Hey Gokai! I'm waiting for my next assignment!

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Sensato: Hillary is essentially a moderate Republican in Democratic clothing

Hahaha! No true Democrat. Nice!!!

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As long as she ...says something nice

Good luck with that. Her own support staff say she's a terror to work for, and often curses them even when they are being nice to her.

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@sensei258 nypost?

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I don't think we really have to worry that much about Hillary. Her issue with credibility or seriously lack of it has completely overshadowed her entire presidential candidacy, at this point, she would need more than a miracle to get even remotely close to the White House and that will be NO EASY task.

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Until Abe's revision to Article 9 gets ruled unconstitutional, I'd say that a Clinton presidency would bring a not insignificant risk of Japan getting dragged into an American war.

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Good luck with that. Her own support staff say she's a terror to work for, and often curses them even when they are being nice to her.

Got some links for that?

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I'm supporting Bernie for the Dem nomination. Or Nader if he gets in.

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Obama is the only President ever who knew three things about Japan. It's been nice, having a POTUS who loves Kamakura and has a favorite kind of onigiri/musubi. Even though he can't pronounced "anime" properly.

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@sensei258 breitbart? no thanks, i'd rather read the nypost. Go Bernie!

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Doesn't make any difference. Same dog, different master.

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Who cares? The question should be would Hillary be good for the USA?

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@sensei258 breitbart? no thanks, i'd rather read the ny post

I didn't read it there originally, I saw it on the Yahoo home page a bit ago. But Strangerland asked for a link, so I Googled the topic and posted one of the sites from the search result. If you don't like that one, you can re-google and pick one you like.

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Thanks for the link. The claims do appeared to be backed up by a tell-all book. So it's possible that they are true. Not conclusive though.

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Even knowing this, I think she'd do a decent job as present

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@sensei258 Well, I suppose I share the same misgivings as everyone on the left. She was on the board of Walmart, is funded by the big banks, etc. I'm terrified by what a republican would do with the Supreme Court, though. So Hillary is better than the alternative. But the Clintons are a very mixed bag.

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I can just see her as head of state negotiating with somebody like Putin..."What, you think you can start something with us? We're gonna kick your..."

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To elect Mrs. Clinton is to elect Obama over again.

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I think she'd do a decent job as present

She may also be a good president, gotta stop hitting that submit button before checking my post

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