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If the Tokyo Olympics were to be postponed until 2021, for example, how could the extra year’s preparation be put to good use?


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Oh, and finish rehousing Fukushima 3/11 victims. It's been nine years.

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More english study for hospital staff, Train and Station staff, police, and emergency rescue personnel.

More Japanese squat toilets converted into seated toilets with washlets in public areas and train stations

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Finish the massive construction at Ginza station that reduced the size of already narrow corridors by 1/2. Implement policy promoting mandatory telework for companies and government workers in Tokyo. Get test kits ready for anticipated viral infections and quit fudging the numbers.

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More soap in all the restrooms. Most have none.

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I second what Aly said, train more people to speak and understand basic English. Train them to handle disaster scenarios. And probably, train Japanese athletes some more. Just think of the possible 1 year delay as a temporary breather to prepare some more and for advertising companies to hype it up. It will give the entire world to look for after this pandemic dies down

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It will give them an additional year of spending to increase the black hole dimensions of the "budget."

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In 2021 we’ll be preparing for an event in the aftermath of one of the biggest disasters in modern human history.

I suspect they’ll have to adjust the theme accordingly.

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