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If the virus is still not contained by December, what do you think Christmas will be like for the world (and for you personally)?


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It will be a more solemn Christmas which will (hopefully) remind the people of the essence of the holiday and not the materialistic side of things. I'm also imagining this Yuletide season to be a sadder once considering the hundreds of thousands that were taken from their families due to the virus. There will be no carols, parties, public events, dates and other festivities. I say we're in for a sober Christmas this year. For Japan, Christmas is just a commercial event anyway so I expect the pandemic will just see a decline in their usual sales.

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I think it will be a very sad Christmas, especially if infections haven't gone down. There will probably no big outdoor Christmas light displays that are so common across Japan. I like them because they brighten up the nights. Probably very few outdoor Christmas events (Disneyland canceled their one). What about Christmas and bonenkai parties? Churches may not be able to have Christmas services which would be devastating for many.

Even last Christmas didn't feel like Christmas to me. I remember some friends saying the same thing. It may have been because last November and December were not very cold, or it may have been an omen of things to come in 2020.

Well, whatever is happening in December, I'm still going to put up my Christmas tree at home and celebrate in some way.

New Year's Eve will be a wipeout.

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About the same for me.

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Globally it will be a very sad Christmas, and as someone said, will bring most people back to the essence of it, which is good. Personally, it will be same as usual as my friends, family and myself aren't worried at all about the virus.

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I’ll be home celebrating with the family all the traditions and food, FaceTime and party with the rest of my kin worldwide and maybe use zoom and have a giant movie bash. No matter how this virus situation develops, it’s not going to hamper my Christmas for sure.

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There is no Christmas in Japan.

Christmas in the UK will be the same as usual, but with less extravagant presents for most people.

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This virus is here to stay, a treatment might be likely in the near future. It will be a part of life in the future its up to human race to evolve and overcome the challenges of this virus. For me the virus has little effect on my life living in rural Japan. Life will be normal for new years.

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Christmas is really a time to be with friends and family, so in Japan, Christmas just doesn't have the same feel. With this virus, I might be stuck here. Hell will freeze over before I start eating KFC.

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For myself, it will be much the same as usual. Family, feasting and Morecambe and Wise on the box.

For the world - who knows? It depends on whether governments (one in particular) start acting like grown-ups. There is always a never-ending barrel of money to throw at war - start using that magic money tree where it can do some good, and we might see things turn around.

Otherwise it might be the last Christmas.

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There is no Christmas in Japan.

There is Christmas wherever people choose to celebrate it.

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Looks like I’ll be stuck here for Christmas.

It’ll be the second time in 20 years. The first was miserable as sin.

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I don't mind Christmas in Japan. It's Shogatsu, which follows right after, that I find depressing. It's 10 years since I last spent Shogatsu in Japan.

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Why Christmas has to be celebrated hugely in Asia or even globally?

Even non christians proudly celebrate it when they themselves don't celebrate their own religion.

Buddha Day isn't even celebrated like that in Asia. Why Asians are so desperate to celebrate or follow Western culture and look down on other Asians? Business?

As an aethist, i say that almost all Asian countries should be full of Buddha lights/decoration on Buddha Week.

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Going out to at least 4 less Christmas dinners. At home not much will change, though less chocolates as I am on a diet. Probably won’t go to the village pub on Christmas Eve. Send cards earlier so people can put them in to 72 hour quarantine!

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Why Christmas has to be celebrated hugely in Asia or even globally? 

It doesn’t have to be but it makes money and people enjoy it.

Nothing wrong with that.

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No different than normal.

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I won’t be here at Xmas !

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TV variety show.

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For many Americans, Thanksgiving and Christmas would be the PERFECT time for social distancing rather than undergo the rigors of the 'Family Holiday' Dinner Table and its attendant resurrection of so many past and undesired memories of behaviors and attitudes of holidays previously 'celebrated'. Who could ignore "Well, I seem to have a slight fever and this cough (hack, hack) won't go away. I'm sooo sorry I can't come home this [whatever]. Don't give Uncle Ron my new cell number or email address, please!?"

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We'll buy turkey, apple pie, make mashed potatoes, and roast beef. Decorate a christmas tree and watch a christmas movie or 2 usually grinch and nightmare before christmas. thats usually what we do every year.

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