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If you could get an interview with former Nissan Chairman Carlos Ghosn at the Tokyo Detention Center and were allowed to ask him just two questions, what would you ask him?


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Did you do what you are accused of ?

Reveal the other hypocrites and corruption in Nissan and other Japanese companies who haven't got caught yet ?

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Why do you always look angry?

What's your idea of the Japanese "justice system"?

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20 years ago, if you knew this was going to happen, would you have avoided ever stepping foot in Japan and stay resolutely away from any business deals with Japan?

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Why haven't you broken out yet?? You will never get justice in japan.

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Where in the Nissan files and records can we find the evidence of payment authorisations by Nissan officials, showing that you did nothing wrong?

Actually that's all. Only need one question.

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How could you not foresee this?

Why didn't you retire and leave Japan years ago?

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How could you not foresee this?

Why did you come back to Japan?
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