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If you could get tested for the coronavirus, would you?


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Yes, it'll give me and those around me a (temporary) peace of mind. Although I still think they should focus on periodically testing those at a higher risk first like those in public transport and health workers.

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I did, recently. Came back negative. No regrets.

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Why? So I can be told I have a “virus” that doesn’t affect 99.99999% of the population? I can do that myself thank you

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No, because I feel fine.

But I would like to get the antibody test, I did have mild flu-like symptoms one day a few months ago...

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Yup, negative!

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I would

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Most definitely would do it.

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I get the temp. check regularly when visiting hospitals and elderly relatives - so far, so good.

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Depends on how much it costs and who pays for it. I don't have anything against getting tested per se, but since I am relatively healthy and live in Iwate (the only prefecture with ZERO cases), I don't want to have to pay a lot of money for it. And why isn't preventive medicine such as vaccines and tests not covered under health insurance? It seems to me that an ounce of prevention would cost less than a pound of cure.

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It would depend on the circumstances. But if I got tested today and the result was negative, it wouldn't really help if I were to get infected tomorrow. If I had reason to believe I might be infected then that would be different. If it were possible to have regular tests, that would be more useful, but probably not practical. Regular testing should be reserved for those most at risk - health workers, store workers, etc.

An antibody test would be a different matter.

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Well I tried to get tested for 2 days and was unsuccessful.

Now my daughter has a slight cough.

I think the stress of all of this is going to kill me faster than the virus at this point.

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If not every 2 weeks, why not.

Antibody test sounds more interesting though

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It cost me 2000 yen here in Kyushu.

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My wife had two antibody checks come back negative, so personally I would not unless I knowingly had contact with someone infected...

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