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If you had the opportunity to ask U.S. President Donald Trump two questions, but nothing insulting or vulgar, what would you ask him?


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How do you get your hair to do that?

I can't think of any other question I could ask that wouldn't get removed for being insulting...

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Hmmm, I thought and thought, but I really can't think of any questions that are decent ("nothing insulting or vulgar". I know it is really difficult, but it is nice to see some people trying.

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How does it feel to be the most unpopular president in history at the beginning of your first (and only) term?

How about sleeping on things before tweeting?

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Mr. Trump, What are you hiding in your tax returns?

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When is your KGB sleeper activation date and what have you got planned for us?

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When will you release your tax returns, the Apprentice tapes and the Moscow tapes?

How soon after the above will you resign?
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If you had the opportunity to ask U.S. President Donald Trump two questions,

(rubs hands together)

but nothing insulting or vulgar,


what would you ask him?

What do you really think of Hillary? When are you going to release your tax returns?

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I've just been wondering why you suddenly looked so surprised when you found out you'd won the election ? After all the insults and brazen language you doled out, did you, in fact, do all that in order NOT to be elected ?

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Did or do you plan all this or do you make it all up as you go along?

Regarding your present ongoing situation of the United States of America, which do you think is the more benign threat: people from a set list of countries arriving or resident in the US or the US Senate?
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(1.) Can you make a simple, persuasive case why capitalism is preferable to socialism. (2.) Why does the United States have a Electoral College.

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goldorakJAN. 29, 2017 - 11:01AM JST Would definitely not be about politics. Hmmm, something he many know a thing or 2 about: Which celebrities have you slept with and who was the wildest?

I kinda doubt he has any special expertise in wild celebrity sex. He's too self-absorbed. Now degrading sex where he pays women to pretend they like him, yeah, I'll bow to his superior experience.

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Why were you sent to military school as a teen, and what leverage does Israel have (through your bankruptcy lawyer) to discredit you?

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Are all those construction contractors you stiffed not "real Americans", and when are planning on paying them?

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Would definitely not be about politics. Hmmm, something he many know a thing or 2 about:

Which celebrities have you slept with and who was the wildest?

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I just have one question.

How do you propose to alter the world view of America being a cowardly, weak nation intent on blaming the rest of the world for its own internal issues since your inauguration, to a world view of America being a great nation again?

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I'll give up my second question to be able to ask the first while his hand is on a Bible and he's standing in front of Congress.

"How many people attended your inauguration?"

Because it really doesn't matter what question we ask Trump, he's going to lie in his answer. But if Congress was willing to bring articles of impeachment against a President for lying about sex with an intern, they should be willing to bring them against a President for lying about an actual government function. Trump's (maybe) not quite so dumb to fall for this, but it would be hilarious to see him have to pit his impulse for self-aggrandizement against his impulse to save his own skin at all costs.

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Did you actually want to be President or was the win just a surprise?

When was the last time an order you made got someone killed?

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What did you tell your wife to make her smile falter so dramatically at your inauguration?

Why did you make fun of a physically disabled person at your rally?

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Even after the liberals, House Democrats and Hollywood are on the warpath to take you down and destroy you, why are you so forgiving and why don't you hold a grudge against people that claim to embrace tolerance?

Also, in your sencond term, how will you try to bring the National debt under control or at least manageable levels as well as shrinking the government?

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What do you think of the alliance with Japan and would you defend me in the event of a way for real?

Don't you realize not having a politician for president is a really unusual and not at all normal. That's why people elected you! Please also do some good things that the Politicians wouldn't dare!

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Which infrastructure building companies would get the bulk of funding?

How long will you be keeping Yellen at the Fed, and why?

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Why won't you release information regarding your business dealings in the US and around the world?

How will your relationships with oligarchs worldwide (not just Russia) affect US foreign policy?
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