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If you have young children, how do you control what they have access to on social media?


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I have young children and I'm usually fairly flexible with them (if they make a good argument for something, i'll consider it). However, social media is going to be one of the areas where I will draw a line. No social media until they are at least high school age. There is a growing body of scientific evidence that social media use leads to greater rates of depression and suicide among teenagers (which seems to level off when they get to around high school age). It seems that younger brains are more susceptible to the addictive and negative aspects of social media. Basically, they need to get more life experience and a greater sense of perspective first.

Thankfully, they are still too young for it to be an issue yet. We'll see how it goes when their friends start going online.

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Isn't social media for 18+?

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agree with Shipwrecker, no social media for kids until they grow old enough. There's lots of news where predators targeted kids online to do unspeakable things, I don't want my future children to be part of those reports and statistics. If they want to socialize in real person, I'll allow that and keep an eye on them. Nothing beats the real thing.

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Isn't social media for 18+?

Nuh-uh. 13yo for Instagram and Facebook. Users of Line under the age of 18 need to have identities verified.

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Nuh-uh. 13yo for Instagram and Facebook. Users of Line under the age of 18 need to have identities verified.

Wow. I'm seriously concerned about the scope for bullying and how others can very easily fall into this behaviour by unconsciously clicking like or sharing if everyone else is doing it.

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Hmm I doubt anyone will be able to keep kids away from social media, there will come a point they will want to use it because their friends use it. One runs the risk of being on the opposite side of their children if they try to prevent access of it to them, you can potentially become the enemy. Don't fight social media, you will lose, instead use social media as a tool, gotta show your kids the pitfalls and dangerous it brings, gotta show them how weaker people use social media as weapons against others. You need to be involved as a parent and you need to be the ally your child has online. I use a lot of techniques with my son and they seem to work. He tells me what is going on and we also dissect things people say online to help him navigate the minefield that social media is. The biggest thing I told him is, no matter how anonymous one thinks they are, they are really not. There is more I can say but I will leave it at that

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That is a really hard problem, not yet at the age to have my own, but close family members do and I have been surprised when parents that are very careful and take their time to be vigilant end up having troubles about it with their children, as Psyops say, there may not be a way to keep them away, so its better to use it positively.

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