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If you live in Japan but were not born here, which food or drink item do you miss most from your home country?


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A good old Aussie bacon and cheese meat pie!

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A dipped Italian Beef with peppers and fries from Carm's on Polk Street in Chicago.

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(UK) Jersey potatoes and kebabs made with lamb.

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I miss the availability of vegan food and the fact that fruit and vegetables are so cheap. And wholemeal/grain bread, not the white marshmallow stuff in Japan. And the fact I can go to any well-known fast food place in times of emergency and being able to order vegan/vegetarian burgers. Not having to pay 200 yen for six Brussel sprouts. The list goes on. Drinks: cheap almond, soy, coconut, hazelnut, cashew milks in the supermarkets.

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Large potatoes, Horlicks, brown bread, non-Japanese rice, whole chickens, whole joints of beef for Sunday roast.

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Edible cheese at reasonable prices.

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DisillusionedToday  08:31 am JST

A good old Aussie bacon and cheese meat pie!

Costco now has ‘Four ‘n Twenty Angus beef pies - not bacon and “cheese meat” though. ;)

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British bacon!

2 ( +4 / -2 )

My mother’s scones.... though none of her other cooking! :(

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Mexican and southwest US foods; Cuban sandwiches; bbq.

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Knish and Gefilte Fish...and a good slice of NY pizza.

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no business:

non-Japanese rice

Yeah, that too! Utterly ridiculous that when you do find it, you realize it's been taxed 700% or so by the Japanese government.

5 ( +6 / -1 )

Agreed on the lack of decent-sized baking potatoes above.

Years ago I brought back a packet of crumpets but they were rather more the worse for wear by the time I got around to eating them, ideally toasted and topped with butter. I showed them to a local bakery with a view to getting them made here, but they were less than enthusiastic, perhaps because of the lack of context and lack of squidgy freshness!

3 ( +4 / -1 )

A wide range of apple varieties to choose from; echo above posters re affordable cheeses

4 ( +5 / -1 )

Maryland crab cakes made from Chesapeake Blue Crab with spicy tartar sauce.

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As mentioned above, good cheese at a reasonable price




Cooking apples


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Cleo, you can get crumpets at the imported food store near the upstairs ticket gate at Ebisu Station. I was told Seijo Ishi sells them. That store may even be a Seijo Isho store. I don't know.

I, too, miss doner kebabs made with lamb instead of beef or chicken and accompanied with a pickled chilli rather than generic sauces.

Coming from Britain I miss Indian curries that have not been adapted to Japanese taste served with basmati rice although most Indian restaurants in Britain are Bangladeshi. I have found a few good South Indian restaurants in central Tokyo, but I don't happen to live in central Tokyo.

Branston Pickle, which is now part of Mizkan, a Japanese company, is sorely missed. Tesco's pickle was OK, but Tesco pulled out of Japan a few years ago.

Shropshire Blue is sold at National Azabu, but it is too expensive. There seems to be an absence of good British cheese. I have never seen Derby sage, perl wen, Cheshire and many others.

Lapsang Souchong, a smoky Chinese tea I used to drink in Britain, does not seem to be known in Japan.

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There is real cheese, butter and yogurt in Japan. If you're in Okinawa, go and see the Cheese Guy!

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To have proper bread, not white spongy crap masquerading as "bread", readily available at most large supermarkets would be really terrific.

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+1 each for good bread and good pies. Will add boysenberry ice cream, and many different yoghurt flavours. Everything in Japan seems to be plain, blueberry or strawberry. Same with jams. Give me a good black cherry or plum jam over blueberry or strawberry any day.

4 ( +4 / -0 )

My home-baked wholemeal bread is way better than anything they have in the shops, but despite numerous attempts I have never had any luck making crumpets. They just don't come out right.

I will have to have a look at Ebisu Station. Thanks for the heads-up, gaijintraveller-san.

2 ( +3 / -1 )

Genuinely fresh, additive-free spaniel.

0 ( +1 / -1 )

New Zealand,

Cheese of all sorts, crumbed Lamp chops, smoked Mullet, Real chicken thighs (no hormones) Vogel grain bread, any food that is not at ridiculous Japanese price. ,

Fruit sold by the kg and not each, Golden crumpets, lots of fresh cream at half the price of Japan, NZ Scotch fillet steak.

1 ( +2 / -1 )

Sausage that is not sweet, Italian sausage(I make my own now) my local Pizza shop and their ravioli too, Chinese takeout, bar burgers(100% beef with no onions mixed in). I have to say, the milk here is far far better than in the US.

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Reading about jam has also reminded me about.....good quality peanut butter. I'm not talking about the stuff here which is mixed with milk, shortening, sugar, and god knows what else. Just 100% peanuts. I do occasionally see it, but they're all a big rip off, 700 yen for one small jar. Last time I went home, I bought a 1kg tub for the same price.

Peanut butter itself is naturally sweet, why add sugar. Peanuts are about 50% fat, so why add shortening, or palm oil, etc? This beggars belief.

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Potato bread/farl too!

1 ( +2 / -1 )


Good Deli food.

Bagels - I'm dying over here

1 ( +2 / -1 )

As mentioned by an earlier poster - the cheaper prices for fruits and vegetables, but I'd also add that the variety. Most supermarkets only carry limited variety so you have to go to a specialty market and pay fairly high prices for items uncommon to Japan.

Russet potatoes. Baked, boiled, roasted, fried. That huge hunk of starchy stuff mashed and slathered with brown gravy mixed with onions, corn, and peas. Japanese potatoes are good, but russets are golden.

What I miss most is the overall kitchen size and standard size ovens. The microwave/ovens here are not bad but a bit small for the amount of baking and roasting I generally like to do.

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Oh yeah... feijoa smoothies. We have a feijoa tree but the variety of fruit it grows is too limited in quantity and size to do anything decent with.

Hey Cleo... I was lucky enough to find rhubarb once last September at our local Olympic supermarket but never before and never since. I’ve heard it is available in some areas, Kanazawa, Nagano... so keep your eyes open and you might be lucky.

You can actually get most things from time to time... I just wish it was more often than it is.

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Real NYC pizza, bagels and deli sandwiches.

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Strawberries, California’s best export, big, sweet and juicy.

crispy bacon

American Breakfast


Peach pie

Apple Pie


NY Cheesecake

NY Pizza/Chicago Pizza-Deep dish

NY Deli’s

Burgers particularly “In n’ Out”



Craft beer

Jamba Juice.

Other than that, I’m good.

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Pukey, Yurakucho station, take the elevators downstairs and into the shops. There a Natural Foods store (sports a large red apple logo). They sell organic peanut butter and also tahini from AliShan. English on the label states, "No salt, sugar, or additives". Highly recommended.

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Thanks, I've seen Alishan products - they are expensive.

Actually, at my local import shop they sell Smucker's peanut butter. They used to be reasonably priced and sometimes I'd get them dirt cheap if they were approaching the expiry date, but one or two years ago they started gradually increasing the price. Now it's about 700 yen. I'd buy it if I really were desperate, but I usually just wait till I go back to my home country.

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A proper Sunday Roast.

Fresh fruit at affordable prices, especially proper apples and grapes.  And fresh fruit juice.

Proper fish and chips.

Decent sausages.

Affordable quality wine.

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I could make a list that would fill every thread on this site, but I'll just say I miss the variety in general, and the cheaper prices. I miss walking down a lively downtown street with a legit Vietnamese restaurant, and a Greek restaurant next door or down the street a bit, then a Korean shop, Western-style Chinese take-out place, a British pub, Falafel truck, some nice Montreal smoked meat or pulled pork, and then walk home with some frozen yoghurt after picking up some street meats and poutine to take home. An exaggeration, but you catch the drift.

I also miss 2-for-1 pizza that is not only bigger, has more toppings, and is way better tasting, but that doesn't cost the price of 10 pizzas.

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Now, all that said, I know the grass is always greener and I'd miss the legit yakitori, izakaya, kushi-katsu, rotating sushi shops, ramen, and other great foods they have here and that would be overpriced and possibly not as good (there ARE legit shops back home, too) back home.

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